Good night.

Just got home from the dinner and overall am pleased that at least it doesn’t feel as though I embarrassed myself horribly.  Because oftentimes, I’ve made such an obvious fool of myself that there’s simply no denying it.

The client brought his gf, who was nice and also chatty, thus I had few opportunities to stick my foot in my mouth.  Very positive development.

Less positive was when the conversation turned to politics.  Not my favorite thing to discuss, particularly not when it turned specifically to the Iraq War and the whole wmd argument and blah blah blah.  Not a fun topic for me given my history, so I stayed silent.  I will say this now though.  I hate, hate, hate the canard that the whole war was premised on the existence of wmd and the failure to find wmd made the war illegitimate.  The war was NOT all about wmd, wmd were merely a compenent of a much larger argument for the war.  In fact, if I didn’t have to go to bed in 10 minutes before this ambien kicks in (or is it already kicking in?) I would go dig through my archives and find the post I wrote outlining all the arguments for why the war was necessary (prior to the invasion) .  But anyway, I discovered long ago that these conversation are simply not worth having, particularly in these situations where there is clearly zero upside. 

Anyway, the most hilarious part was at the very end, when the bill had been paid (by my boss) and we were heading towards the door.  The client suddenly starts to talk shop with us, giving us some of his axes (things he’s looking to buy) for like five seconds before we went our separate ways.  It was truly bizarre.  I felt like I was being thrown a bone.


Overall, glad I went.

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