control issues

These are some crazy times we’re living in.  Between the Eurozone meltdown and the debt ceiling crisis here at home, work can sometimes feel like a battle zone.  I can tell you this much, there is a lot of panic and massive mood swings floating about in the markets.

And then, of course, my husband’s company announced layoffs and promptly let a bunch of people go.  Luckily he made it through this time but they were pretty clear about the fact that they aren’t done.  He works in the same industry as I do but right now he’s working for one of those quasi-government agencies so layoffs are pretty rare (unlike investment banks which go through a routine “pruning” exercise every year or every few months it seems these days) and that makes this all the more that disturbing.

But maybe this is just God’s way of hinting at the fact that I really need to work on trusting Him and not in my own plans, as I love to do.

Of course, the hubby and I imediately started making contingency plans for what we’d do if he does lose his job in the near term.  (Among them?  Move to Arizona - which surprised me because if two Cali-born-and-raised-never-lived-outside-of-perfectly-temperate-year-round-weather people like us could consider moving away, the situation here must look pretty bleak.  (Hm….yup, sure does!).  Still don’t know if I could do it, but I never thought it’d be something I’d even THINK about).

Guess old habits die hard.

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