don’t pinch me

Maybe all the emotional hulabaloo of last week has simply left me incapable of feeling any more drama, but I’ve been feeling very “ducky” as a buddy of mine has taken to calling me sometimes.  Times like this week when things just roll of my back like nobody’s business.

Possibly getting laid-off?  I’ll deal with it.

Have to fly to Portland and back in the span of 12 hours?  All good, I took Friday off!

I have this inescapable feeling like life is good, or if it isn’t right now, it can be.  I feel calm and not like a crazy person.   And the cherry on top, I kind of don’t hate myself.

My joints have even been cooperating with me.  These past two mornings as I walked down the stairs and began the process of taking inventory of my pain, I realized – no pain!  Whee!  I’m young again!

Ha.  Right?  How long is this gonna last =P

One comment

  1. Hillary says:

    Enjoy it while it does – so glad you are feeling well emotionally and physically 🙂