trying to get there

Are you in over your head?
Are you in water so deep you’re drowning?
Do you think you’ve been left?
And there is no one to feel your hurting?

Well everybody has been there
And everybody’s felt lost
If you’re in over your head
Lift it up, lift it up

Listen to the sound of hope that’s rising up
Over your old horizon
Listen to the sound
Listen to the sound

And listen to the sound of a new beginning
This is where the old is ending
Listen to the sound
Listen to the sound

I hear you say you’re alone
I hear you saying that you’ll never make it
I’ve got to tell you, you’re wrong
Cause I have been down this path you’re taking

You never know what faith is
Til you don’t understand
Sometimes it takes the silence
To finally hear His plan

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
I once was lost
But now I’m found

Listen to the Sound – Building 429

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