now i get what they mean by pregnancy bo.obs

First of all, a quick update on my friend who I posted about a couple weeks ago. She went into labor a little over a week ago and delivered a healthy, strong little boy who’s currently kicking the NICU’s butt, as expected. Thanks for any prayers that were said for him and I’m sure a few more couldn’t hurt.

Secondly (is that a word?), I added a Lupus page up top which links to the posts about my history with lupus nephritis. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this but the category The wolf is for all my posts that talk about lupus (lupus is latin for wolf).

And now, we get to what this post is really going to be about: my bo.obs.

I have never been what you might call “gifted” in the chest area. I’ve always had the typical slim, asian girl silhouette and for most of my life I struggled to fit into an A cup. It wasn’t until years of prednisone finally caught up to me and I put on some weight that I at last managed to eek my way into a *gasp* B cup. Before I got pregnant I was able to get back down to about 110lbs (still 10lbs heavier than my college weight, but meh) and still hang onto my new bo.obs and overall I was pretty happy with how everything was looking.

Almost immediately after I got pregnant I started noticing the girls were looking bigger and I was filling out my bra quite nicely. It continued on til the end of my first trimester when they stopped being so sore all the time but a few weeks ago I was pretty sure they started growing again. I wasn’t overly concerned about getting a new bra though because I *thought* I had been on the small side for a B cup so I thought that I was just growing into the cup size.

Finally though, this weekend I decided it was time to maybe get a new bra. It was becoming clear that I needed a new one because the girls were starting to get a bit unruly and my bras never seemed to stay in place.

I decided to get measured at Nord.strom’s. With my old bra on the helpful sales woman measured my back size and told me I could go 32 or 34. She asked what I was currently wearing and I told her it was 34, she thought it was a little bit too loose so she said she was going to bring me a 32 and we’d use the bra to figure out my cup size. After a minute she came back in with a bra and asked me what cup size I was currently wearing, I told her it was a B.

Her eyes bulged and she said, “Oh NO!”

“You are NOT a B cup, this is a 32DD and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit you perfectly.”

I almost laughed in her face except I decided to humor her and try the bra on and well, wouldn’t you know it, it actually did fit perfectly.

“See?” she said, “You’re filling out the whole cup.”

You guys, I still can’t wrap my mind around this.

In fact, I was still in such disbelief about this today, because well, this is just not how I imagined a 32DD should look, that I dragged Paul back to the mall and into VS this time. Sure enough, I tried on a few 34D’s and 34C’s (34D is equivalent to 32DD, but I prefer the bigger band for comfort) and the 34D’s fit perfectly.

I bought a couple bra’s but now I’m a bit concerned because I’m only 23w2d and what if I get bigger? At what point are you supposed to buy new bras in pregnancy? And will they also get bigger during BF?

You have no idea how bizarre it is for me to have to worry about my bo.obs getting too big for my bra. This was something that 18 year old me could only dream about.

One more reason to love my pregnant body though 🙂


  1. Hillary says:

    Haha! I got a little larger (I, too, am really small chested…) but certainly never entered any double letter territory! 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve gone from a C to and E (yes, there’s an E) and back 3 times. Don’t buy anything you expect to wear after pregnancy until after your milk comes in. God bless you. 🙂

  3. Hounddog says:

    They got bigger for me too but not that big. ; ) A friend told me to go ahead and buy nursing bras so you can wear them after giving birth too. My nursing bras are roomy to accomodate for the fluctuation boobs go through on a daily basis as your milk comes and you nurse. They went back to normal after 1 year of nursing.

  4. the wingless one says:

    Hillary – Yeah it’s nuts! I was VERY small chested before this so this is really strange to me! How about while you’ve been breastfeeding? Have you noticed more increase than in pregnancy or is it about the same?

    Lisa – Thanks for the tip! That’s what I was starting to lean to especially given I’ve still got four more months to go!