a lesson in patience

So T did not come home today. He gained some weight, but not as much as they’d like to see and I think he was being a bit of a “pokey” eater last night and had some pacing issues so the doctor and nursing staff just wanted to make sure we felt comfortable feeding him.

Well, apparently the kiddo decided to make a statement today about how ready he is to come home because he ate like a champ!

I got there a little after noon and he pretty much woke up as I walked in. I breastfed him on one bo.ob for about 30 minutes (with some pauses for burping) but then he only took about 12ml of the fortified breastmilk after that. I was a little worried about that because there was no way to know how much breastmilk he got, but judging on the amount I pumped from the side he fed off of vs the side he didn’t, I think he did get at least about an ounce or maybe a bit more.

His next feeding though, he took SEVENTY ml’s from the bottle! That was an all-time record for him to be surpassed only by his next feed (which Paul gave him) of 80ml!

Since we had one more night of baby-free life (sort of) we decided to go to another restaurant that’s not exactly baby friendly where I gorged myself on raw oysters and raw fish! I love raw oysters and haven’t had them in almost a year because obviously they’re a no-no while pregnant.

I had really hoped that we would be bringing him home today, but short of that today was one of the best days we’ve had in the NICU and I think it really boosted my confidence about the fact that we can totally do this!

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

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  1. Lian says:

    Go Titus! It’ll be no time till he’s going home. Paul must have melted to have been able to hold and feed him. I wish Hubby had that experience but DD said no to bottles; maybe they didn’t care much for it themselves. You are so smart to go fine dining. I thought I didn’t care about all the limits that taking care of a baby came with but after awhile, I realized it did matter even though its great it is to be a mom. It’s great to eat nice food too. : )