what the NICU gave me

I just bottle-fed, then nursed a baby who alternated between squealing with gas pains when the bottle was in his mouth and screaming in hunger whenever I took the bottle out of his mouth to try and burp him. Then while I was nursing he would periodically lose his latch and clamp down hard on my nip.ple. So hard that if he had teeth I would have suspected him of attempting to bite it off.

After that I changed his diaper. And was peed on when he somehow managed to kick off the rag I’d thrown over his boy parts.

Now I’m hooked up to the pump to finish off what he didn’t.

If the path here had been easy, I might not feel so grateful at this very moment.

I’d probably still feel just as tired though.

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  1. EndoJourney says:

    Just yes. Exactly this. 🙂