Stork Stack May 2013 Review

Nothing new, but I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block lately.

Actually more like finishing-a-post block, but the result has been the same -> no posts.

So I thought I’d get myself back in the groove with something easy like a review!

A couple weeks ago I finally discovered the subscription box craze and went a little nuts. I found a bunch of coupon codes and decided to try every box that looked interesting that I could get a code for.

Ever since then I’ve been waiting anxiously for the boxes to start arriving and I finally got the first one today – Stork Stack! Extra points for arriving early in the month!

I’ll be honest, I peaked at a bunch of reviews before it came so I already knew the possibilities for what could be in the box (I think it ships from the midwest so I got mine fairly late versus people who live closer to the point of origin).


North American Bear Co. Two-Dees Animals ($16): I thought it was a bunny but it’s actually a puppy. It’s super soft even if I don’t personally think it’s cute in the traditional sense. It’s weird though because it kind of grows on me every time I look at it. I gave it to T while he was hungry and he kept trying to eat it so I’m thinking I should throw it in the wash before I let him at it.

Rubbabu Educational Ball ($6.95): I feel pretty ambivalent about this. Maybe T will enjoy it when he’s older but right now it’s too big and heavy for him to hold. Not sure why this was in a box for a four month old.

Child’s Play Wee Willie Winkie board book ($4.99): Great book for a newborn, I’m always amazed that such a little baby actually seems to enjoy being read to. He really seemed to like looking at the pictures. It’s not a book I would have thought to buy on my own but I’m glad it was included in the box.


Stephen Joseph Reusable Snack Bags ($6.99): It comes in a two-pack and they’re top-rack safe, which is nice. Paul was wondering why we would use these instead of regular old ziploc’s and I tend to agree but since we have them I think we’ll use them and take a stab at being a little bit green when we can. Like the ball I don’t really think this fits in a newborn box, though.

Credible Cravings Chocolate ($3.00): This is a chocolate bar geared towards women, before, during and after pregnancy (isn’t that every woman?). I was hoping for the Deep Steep Moisture Stick that other people mentioned but I guess I don’t really need more beauty-ish items for myself. I’m guessing this bar will probably be something I’ll like well enough but not purchase on its own. And at least it won’t be sitting around in my bathroom unused either.

Overall, I think the box was a good deal considering I had a coupon code for $10 off, making it $17.99 for almost $40 worth of stuff. Compared to the reviews for other months I didn’t *love* the box but I’m thinking of giving it another month or two to see if they can really hit one of these months out of the park and get me hooked.

If you sign up, use my referral code and we’ll each get $10 off!

Update 5/9/13: I was wrong about the Credible Cravings bar, did not like it at all and ended up taking two bites and tossing it. But I’m seriously liking the North American Bear Co. puppy more and more, it really is perfect for a newborn because it’s so light it’s easy for him to hold and he keeps wanting to put it in his mouth.

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