June 2013 Stork Stack Review

Two weeks left of my maternity leave and I’m trying to simultaneously soak in every last moment of being a full-time mommy to my perfect little man, as I dread every minute that brings me closer to heading back to the office. I still can’t really write about it because I’m still trying to pretend it’s not happening, so yeah.

Today we took T to get his blood drawn in advance of his GI appointment on Wednesday. I’m hoping this will be his last blood draw for the foreseeable future because he is becoming more and more aware and I swear that when they put the tourniquet on him today he knew immediately that whatever was coming next was Not Good because he commenced his freak out toute suite. There were so many tears that they were dripping into his ears and there was a wet spot on the paper sheet he was laying on. The (two) phlebotomists were treated to Super Sad Pouty Face. They were awesome though and managed to get two vials quickly with only one prick. Much better than the last time we went to this lab and had to go through two heel sticks because the first sample clotted.

And, also awesome, I got to tear into this month’s Stork Stack right when we got home!

I was waffling on whether or not to order this month but ultimately decided to go for it and was glad I did! We have been loving the Wee Willie Winkie book (which Paul reads to T every night along with Good Night Moon) and his North American Bear Co. puppy, both of which I never would have found without last month’s box.

My one complaint with last month was that a couple of the items (the reuseable bag and the ball) didn’t feel age appropriate, but everything this month is absolutely right for his age range!


I didn’t take a picture of the box last month but I decided that the cute box is part of the charm so I should probably share it. It really is part of the fun of these boxes to feel like you’re getting a gift – even if you paid for it yourself =P


Sassy Baby Teething Feeder ($7): This was the first thing I pulled out of the box and it felt so perfect because T will be six months next month and Paul and I just started talking about trying out baby led weaning when the time comes! I’ll be honest, I don’t quite get how this thing works yet but it says it’s a safe way to give a baby whole foods while reducing the risk of choking so sounds like in about a month it’ll be right up our BWL alley!

Tree Hopper Toys Animal Jalopies ($15.99): We received Shelly the turtle. My cousin who is a pediatric PT loves wooden toys so I know this will get her stamp of approval as this is handcrafted from sustainable American hardwood (according to the Stork Stack packing sheet). I rolled it around on the table for a bit and T seemed to enjoy watching it, I’m sure he’ll like it even more when he has the hand eye coordination (and ability to sit up) to do it on his own.

Baby Paper ($6): This was another timely item because just yesterday T attempted to eat some tissue. This is like a cross between cloth and paper and it’s crinkly! I can’t wait to wash this so T can go nuts on it.

Susan Brown’s Baby Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths ($13.99): These seemed ridiculously overpriced for what I’m assuming are essentially baby wipes? I did find that Toys’R’Us sells them for $8.99 but that still seems steep. But that’s the cool thing about these boxes right? Trying things you’d probably never splurge on if you had to pay full price. I’m interested in seeing just how much more amazing these are compared to regular baby wipes. I’ll probably use them a lot more judiciuosly than the Huggies ones which I use pretty indiscriminately. Most likely these will be used to wipe down T before bed on his non-bath days.

GimMe Health Foods Roasted Seaweed Sheets ($1.19): Being asian, I’ve loved seaweed sheets for about as long as I can remember. When I was little my mom used to buy the boxes at the Chinese market and I would tear through them in one sitting. Paul is the same way. Needless to say we went through this in about 15 seconds flat. It was delicious but nothing special as far as seaweed sheets go, although I think that was the first USDA certified seaweed I’ve ever had.

Overall I really liked this months box! I’m excited to put everything to use and I think I got more than my money’s worth! If you’re interested, please use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!

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