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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

if i were anemic i'd have an excuse

Writer's block. Barely at home. Buried at work.

These are my excuses for not writing. I ditched class this morning so that I can finally have two glorious free hours to myself during the day. Maybe I'll wash the dishes or clean the apartment, who knows!

It's not just the blog. I've been a horrible friend. Haven't been answering my phone or returning my messages. There's just too much to do >< I am so buried. And even though I leave every day by 6pm (prompting my supervisor to ask, "How are we gonna win elections like this?") I'm still exhausted. Clients are just way stressful (and nitpicky) no matter what time you leave the office. Last Friday night found me dealing with a comma issue in one of our letters. A. Flipping. Comma.

BUT it is nice being back in the thick of it. It's nice being responsible for stuff again even if it is a pain too.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

all i've needed most

This song makes me miss my piano. It's so pretty I almost want to use it in the wedding but then I listened to the lyrics and realized that it's not exactly a love song. Is it? It's a bit too melancholy for a wedding. Too bad. It's from a really bad indy film I saw on Showtime at 3 am. This is what happens when you have movie channels.

All I've Needed Most by Maria Schaffel

I go through the day
And tell myself
That I'm okay
And things I've never known
I don't need
Like everywhere I've been
And everyone I can't let in
But I can't live this way
All my life you see

Cause I wanna know the touch
And move too fast and feel too much
I wanna know the thrill
That a kiss can bring
Like anything

So touch me once
And hold me close
And show me all I've needed most

I tell myself it's fine
And other things will pass the time
Lots of people never feel this way
And although I've never tried
To let my soul be satisfied
And up until I do
I'm living half a life

And I wanna know the touch
And move too fast
And feel too much
To know the breathless thrill
That a kiss can bring
Like anything

So touch me once
And hold me close
And show me all I've needed most...
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

another one bites the dust

Ugh. Busy. Haven't been this busy in a long, long time. My class this session is a complete joke and waste of time but attendance is mandatory. I pass the time by studying for my business finance test and looking up every now and then so that it appears I'm merely following along in my econ book and paying attention. Am I genius or what?

There is actually a lot I want to write about. The LA urban garden situation (which I think is absolutely ridiculous) and the two soldiers who were tortured and killed. But I can't. Because right as I'm coming back to this office a girl who worked here for the past year decided to quit. And I'm taking over all her crap. Which wasn't that much but I'm not going to be sitting around surfing the internet like I thought. I have work to do, yo!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

it's been awhile

I know, I know, I've been neglecting my blog. Well, I've been busy. My application was finally completed and submitted. I started working again and even though I'm only working part-time it has still managed to suck up an inordinate amount of time when you count in those minutes spent stuck in traffic.

I've also been enthralled by the NBA Finals. It was looking pretty bleak for Miami in the first two games but things have turned around and I reeeeeally hope they can hang onto that rhythm and win two more! Straight! (I know, I know that's asking for a bit much, but it's playoff time! Time for the rules to be broken!).

I've been educating myself on the different types of defense and trying to pay close attention to the adjustments that are being made within each game and from series to series. I gotta tell you, it's fascinating. For the first time I'm seeing basketball as a battle the same way football is - as opposed to just a bunch of guys running up and down the court trying to toss a ball into a hoop. I never realized how much strategy actually goes into the game and it's given me a new respect for it.

Even though I do like Nowitzki and Avery Johnson (can't stand Howard or Terry, there's no reason, I just don't like 'em) I still can't bear the thought of the Mavericks winning the championship this year. It just doesn't feel right. Miami's got the stories. Shaq - aging superstar looking to prove that he's still got it in him. Riley - aging superstar coach who's suffered so many heartbreaking years and took a ton of criticism this one. Mourning - two words: kidney failure. Williams and Walker - discarded and thought of as loose canons that could not be controlled enough to get to this point. Payton who everyone thought was too old...with the season saver in Game 3. With all that, how can I root for the Mavs? The Mavs, who next to the Heat, look like a bunch of spoiled young kids who are so coddled by their Daddy Cuban. It's just not right.

Plus, I love D-wade. Without a doubt he is now my favorite player in the NBA, well at least a close-second to Shaq. Speaking of Shaq, how can anyone not give this man props for being a good guy? Only my fiance (and other bratty Lakers fans) who is still bitter about being left for Miami.

Edit: Watching them intro the Heat just now I remember I forgot about Udonis Haslem when i was writing this earlier...the hometown kid who wasn't drafted but worked his butt off and is now playing in the Finals for the team he cheered for as a kid.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

hello there monkey

My finger is swollen. My right pointer finger is a completely different color than the left one. It's white. Because it's so fluid-filled. And I was starting to get pretty worried because my knees started aching earlier this week (still do) eventually leading up to my finger impersonating a sausage...all coinciding with my first week back at the fundraising office. Could it be something in the air? I panicked a little bit. But then on the way into work this afternoon the weather lady announced unusual humidity and proclaimed more of the same for the next seven days. So maybe it's just the June gloom.

I hope so. And I hope that the weather dries up soon. My body feels like it's falling apart. Tonight, I was actually creaking as I walked around the apartment. I kid you not.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

initial thoughts on the return

  •   I was cleaning up my new (old) workspace and was a little bit terrified to discover that the crap I never bothered to throw out when I left was still sitting there. Untouched. Right where I left it. Fifteen months later.

  •   It's amazing how much things can change yet stay the same.

  •   The place has turned into a mess. My guess is that this occurred when Shirley (the old CFO/office manager/keeper of the peace) left to have her 2nd little one. Part of me feels like I should take over and clean the place up, but you know what, they don't pay me enough for that. Everyone keeps reminding me not to stress out over this place and I'm determined not to. I'm not going to let myself take on more responsibility than I'm paid for this time.

  •   I forgot that being an hourly worker here isn't so bad. I felt no guilt whatsoever when I left at 5:48 pm today and everyone else was still working away (or pretending to anyway...I noticed a lot of myspace and IM boxes on everyone's desktops).
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    Monday, June 05, 2006

    goin' places i've already been

    Today, I go back to work. I spoke with my old supervisor on Friday and we hammered out all the details of my new schedule (strictly part-time) and also the pay. Which is, thankfully, a little bit more than what we originally talked about.

    I'll let y'all know how it goes later.

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    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    suffering from horrible writer's block

    I don't know what else to tell you.
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    Friday, June 02, 2006

    go heat

    In case you haven't noticed, I've gotten really into basketball this current playoff season. And as someone that doesn't do things halfway, I've become a devoted reader of all the sports pages available to me and attempted to educate myself on all the unfamiliar basketball jargon (took me awhile to understand what a "pick and roll" is, but thank God for the internet).

    You know what I've noticed? Lakers funs are NUTS. Like, seriously, there are crazy fans everywhere, but Lakers fans (Kobe fans in particular) take it to another level. And they travel in packs, too.

    Let me give you an example of what I mean about Laker's fans being crazy - my normally sweet, rational fiance. He has been a Laker's fan since 1988 (as I have been told so many times) and this is why he refuses to criticize Kobe (except one time, in a moment of weakness, when he admitted he doesn't like Kobe's selfish ball-hogging ways). This is also why he despises the Heat and have been pulling for them to lose, well, ever since Shaq went there. He feels extra bitterness towards them right now because he doesn't want Pat Riley to "do it without the Lakers" either. He admits that Shaq is a good guy, known for doing good things for the community, but he doesn't want him to win without the Lakers. Hpmh. I say, Go Shaq. Stomp on those Pistons.

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