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Monday, June 30, 2008

The newest addition to our family...

To celebrate the Heller decision Paul and I took a trip to High Bridge Arms (the city's last remaining bastion for 2nd amendment enthusiasts) this past Sunday and on a whim we decided it would be a great time to start our collection. Only nine days to go before we can go to the range and test her out!


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

the ironing is delicious

Wow. Just, wow. I think Newsom has completely lost touch with reality.

Mayor Gavin Newsom struck a defiant note in a news conference at which, flanked by a cadre of federal, state and local law enforcement leaders, he announced a series of new anti-gun initiatives.

"To the NRA, we just say, 'Stay away. ... Let us protect our citizens,' " Newsom said. He also said the gun organization should direct some of its attention to the Bush administration, since the federal government approves Housing Authority leases.

Way to "protect your citizens" Newsom. I'm sure Danielle Bologna appreciates it...oh wait...maybe not.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

surprise, surprise, the suspect is a gang member

So the story behind the slaughtering of the Bologna family here in SF keeps getting more and more...predictable:

He spoke only once during the proceeding before Judge Henry Ramsey in San Francisco Superior Court, saying "yes" when asked whether Edwin Ramos was his true name.

The three murder counts carry special circumstances of multiple murder and murder as part of a street gang, which both carry the potential of life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty.

Police say Ramos is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, but authorities have not said how the killings were gang motivated.


Ramos' immigration status has become a side issue in the case. O'Sullivan says Ramos is in the country legally and has applied for permanent residence here. But Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Friday that the agency believes he is an illegal immigrant and has put an immigration hold on him.

"We believe he's deportable," Kice said. The agency has asked the city to notify it when Ramos' case is completed.

And then of course there's this article that is hidden deep in the depths of the Chronicle website...

Ramos was also booked on felony weapons charges and as well as a separate count of being in a criminal street gang. Police cited "numerous documented contacts" that officers had with Ramos and Lopez, and said both were "active members of the MS-13 street gang."


Police sent the case to prosecutors in District Attorney Kamala Harris' office, who declined to file charges. They told investigators that there was no evidence that Ramos had known that Lopez had a gun, according to Harris' office.

So to sum it up, assuming this really is the guy who committed these disgusting murders, the police had their man in custody and knew that he was in fact a member of MS-13, currently known as the most violent and brutal street gang in America, but thanks to a D.A. who believes it's her job to hug criminals and "understand" how they came to be sub-human scum, and our mayor who likes to advertise the fact that San Francisco is a sanctuary city....well this animal was free to murder a hard-working father and his two young sons, both with bright futures ahead of them.

Yes, liberals, your policies are clearly working.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More good news from San Francisco the liberal "paradise"

Probably the most heart-breaking story I've heard out of this city for, oh, a couple months or so. I don't know how the rest of the country views San Francisco, but I can tell you it is not a safe city. We'll see if the police chief and DA come out from hiding under their desks for this one.

Fifty-one murders in 2008 and counting.

The third victim of a road-rage shooting in San Francisco died Tuesday night, and police released a composite sketch of the gunman and pleaded for the public's help in solving the triple slaying.

Investigators say Anthony Bologna, 48, and his son Michael, 20, were shot and killed following a minor traffic hassle in the Excelsior district, even though the elder Bologna pulled back to allow the gunman's gray Chrysler 300M room to finish a turn onto a narrow street.

After completing the turn, the driver of the car opened fire, killing the elder Bologna and his oldest son at the scene.

The Bologna family has set up two funds (information can be found in this article) so please donate if you can.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Congratulations Kev!!

Today, an old friend realized his childhood dream and made the U.S. Olympic team for mens gymnastics!! Congratulations Kevin!!!

Wow, my head is spinning for him so, I can't imagine what he must be feeling right now! It's just so amazing because I remember us being little kids and that his dream was to go to the Olympics someday and here we are twenty years later and off he goes! I've glimpsed first-hand how hard he's worked for this and how much he has sacrificed...and on top of it all he is a really, really great guy and friend! I could not be happier for him!

There's a lot more I could say, but running a little short on time so for now, here's a picture I took the other day when I randomly saw one of his competitions on TV. It's just absolutely crazy to me that he is NUMBER ONE in the whole freaking country on rings!! Fourth in the world. Wow.


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Man of the Year

Fifty-seven minutes in and I'm ready to say, definitely not a great movie. It has it's funny moments but for the most part it's just not well thought out. It seems like they kind of just made the story (and dialogue) up as they went along. It's one of those movies where you just want to scream at the characters to JUST SAY IT ALREADY, OH MY GOD!!!!

Update: This movie is just so awkward. Actually, it's just the lead actress, she's involved in almost every single extremely painful and awkward moment of this movie.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

because i still hate kobe and paul pierce is the man

Um...Celtics? Please, please, please just end this tonight.

Hopefully they've been injecting enough painkillers into Perkins shoulder to numb an elephant.

By the way, I swear it's like Bill Simmons was in my head with this quote:

How can Lakers fans continue to defend such petulant behavior? You got me. But, hey, he [Kobe] must be a good guy because he can do news conferences while holding both of his kids. I have to admit, I'm a little Kobe'd out. Even politicians handle their public image less transparently -- we're almost to the point that Kobe's PR team is going to stage a fake fire in the Hollywood Hills and have Kobe "randomly" drive by the house, then run in to "save" three kids.)


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Protesters at their classiest

Why am I not surprised?

Arborists and workers hired by the university dodged human waste and other debris as they cut ropes that ran from one tree to another and removed supplies that protesters had stored in the branches, Mogulof said.

Several workers wearing helmets and protective garments were splashed with urine, as were two UC police officers, Mogulof said. One arborist was hit twice in the face by a tree-dweller, he said.

(emphasis mine)

I think if you only read the parts I bolded you'd think this was a story about monkeys. Protesters are pretty close though I guess.

(Okay, so I guess you'd have to replace the words "human waste" with something more generic like "feces" to really think it was about monkeys, but you get the point!)

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Turlock man beats a toddler to death, then fights off passersby before being shot by police."

Good lord, this story is absolutely gut wrenching. I spent about four and a half months in Turlock when I was at CSU Stanislaus and it is a great little, small town and I'm sure the people there are absolutely devastated by this. This is the kind of place where people are kind to strangers and hold doors open for each other.

I'm not surprised that it sounds as though several different people tried to help though it was in a remote area and must have all unfolded very quickly. I am surprised that one of the passerby's didn't have a gun (or if they did, didn't use it) since Turlock is a pretty gun friendly neighborhood. Maybe that baby would have had a chance...

Rest in peace little one...

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

because i really do love this city...(and also because i finally uploaded pics from my slr!)

I've been bashing San Francisco a lot lately and that really doesn't reflect how I feel about this city. There is so much to love about San Francisco that it becomes easy to look past the politics and call this place home. I'm personally convinced that part of the reason I'm still madly in love with this city is because I'm lucky enough to live in North Beach.

From my apartment, it's a thirty minute walk or a short street-car ride to the Ferry Building. Paul and I like to wander down there every so often to splurge on specialty food products (yesterday we came home with cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, an entire focaccia from Acme Bakery and Paul recreated the $11 grilled cheese from Hog Island Oyster Bar...it was only slightly cheaper to make at home).

Unfortunately, we did not come home with any mushrooms.

This is the view a few blocks up the street from my apartment. That's Alcatraz back there! And, uh, pay no attention to the streetlight...

Also a few blocks up the street...and, yes, the sky is usually this blue here...

Washington Square Park - half a mile away from our apartment, too bad it's all uphill! Ah well, it keeps us in shape at least...

A San Francisco classic...the cable car stop at Union Square. If we had been willing to shell out five bucks each the cable car stops a few blocks away from home...but since we had nowhere to be we decided to walk instead.

A view of the trees on a winter day stroll through Golden Gate Park with my momma.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with SF, but it's cute so here it is.

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just another beautiful saturday afternoon in "family friendly" san francisco.....

Warning: Explicit pictures below, not suitable for kids. (Even though they were taken in public, in a park, in broad daylight, but alas this is the point of the post.)

Yesterday it was a gorgeous sunny day here in the city and Paul and I decided to wander down along the Embarcadaro with all the tourists to do some shopping at the Ferry Building. Imagine our surprise when we happened along this scene in the park in front of Embarcadaro Four (a busy shopping center directly across from an even busier tourist attraction - the Ferry Building and Saturday morning farmers market):

Yes, there was full frontal and this picture doesn't really capture just how many men were in their birthday suits...

As you can imagine, living in San Francisco, I'm pretty used to gay people and have no problem with them at all. They can be a tad over-sensitive but for the most part they are fun and interesting people to hang out with. But, man, this is the kind of the stuff that makes straight people anyone with some basic sense of decency, really, really irritated. Because I would have totally been just as offended if it were a straight couple making out and groping each other in a park where children were literally AROUND THE CORNER:

This is a picture of the other side of the metal structure in the first picture...Yup those are little kids playing at the fountain.

Why do some gay people think it is okay for them to do this? If you know the area at all, it is a tourist filled, family oriented area - we are not talking about a traditional area of the city where you know you might be exposing your kids to some questionable sights if you bring them there...But I guess now we have to pretty much declare all of San Francisco off limits to parents who don't want to explain to their three year olds why there are naked men making out with each other while other naked men wander about taking pictures. The worst part was that there was really no warning for any parents who might be leaving some of the other attractions in the area with their children...I saw a dad in a suit walking with his maybe four year old son, seemed like they were probably heading out to the street car heading home, he said to his son, "Look at the fountain!" and all I could think was that I really hoped they didn't walk around the fountain for some reason...or the dad would be walking into a lot more than he was expecting!

And you know this would be every bit as bad if it were naked men and women making out and groping each other in full view of children - but that wouldn't happen because I think even in San Francisco they would have been arrested! (At one point when we were coming out of the shopping center we saw a cop standing at the top of some stairs watching the goings on from a distance, basically just there to make sure nothing violent happened? Public nudity is apparently legal in this city, just like everything else is...)

Oh and the very best part? On the side where all the kids were playing in the fountain they were also setting up for a Crohns & Colitis Foundation event:

There are some words you can't really see in this shrunken down version under Camp Oasis...it says "Kids Corral." Why they chose to put the Kids Corral on the side closest to...well..."the other side" I have no idea.

If San Francisco becomes any more "family friendly" you'll have to have your ID checked just to get into the city...

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

What is this crap?!?

Initially this story didn't bother me that much. Desperate people trying to get into America is nothing new and is just more proof of how much better the US is compared to pretty much every other country in the world.

However, this is the part that shocked me (and riled me up) because well, you'll see...

For years, Chinese and fellow "other than Mexican" illegal immigrants were processed and released with a date to return for a court hearing. The process was known as "catch and release."

Only about one-third of those released showed up in court, according to a 2005 report prepared for Congress.

That began changing in late 2005 and early 2006, with a policy that sought to close that loophole.

Non-Mexicans caught trying to enter the U.S. now are steered into a streamlined process for "expedited removal."

Pardon the profanity, but what the f*ck?!?! Why are illegals of Mexican origin put in a category all their own? Why is it that for almost three years we've been expediting kicking illegals out of this country, except for the biggest freaking offenders of them all??? This makes no sense whatsoever and I doubt a lot of people know about it or wouldn't it be made a bigger deal of?

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