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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

bored in the bay

I finally skimmed through the comments from my "i love john hawkins" post last week...They raised a few questions in my mind for example, what exactly is it that makes someone a Republican vs a Democrat or some other third party? Is it all self-definition or are there some actual rules?

Also, cowtipper brought up the undeniable fact that majority of people in the military love President Bush and were at the very least not especially fond of Clinton.

Most of my fellow soldiers back Bush 100%, now why do you think that is???

I think that's one question that will make "liberals" (okay, okay, people who don't like Bush) scratch their heads forever. The obvious logic is that President Bush is a damn good CIC and Clinton was less than desirable but in my humble opinion "people who don't like Bush" rarely if ever believe the logical explanation is true.

Anyway, just my two cents...I'm still not feeling myself, I haven't been able to sleep past 10 a.m. no matter what time I go to bed >< I can't decide when to head back down to LA because I feel like I'm not spending enough time with the family much less my friends...but I really need to finish unpacking and get settled in before work starts since I'm heading to Ohio the weekend after that.

On another note, I've decided to use my power as a blogger (limited as it may be) to tell everyone I hate Direct TV. When I first signed up for the service I told them specifically I'd probably be moving in the next few months and they promised me it would be no big deal. Well guess what...it is a big deal. First I had to get an extra reciever, sign a new year's contract (those bastards) and pay five dollars more a month...now they're saying I need a $60 Direct TV tripod because our new complex won't let us put holes in the wall. I can't just tell them to go fck themselves because I already have a damn contract with them...so all I can do is tell anyone who reads this to avoid Direct TV at all costs! Especially if you're going to be moving in the near future.

Okay, I should really go find something more productive to do now.

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Monday, June 28, 2004


It's been crazy for me these last couple weeks but I think after this things will finally start to settle down. EDC was awesome...my only complaints are that I didn't dance nearly as much as I wanted to (there was a lot of sitting in the chill tent, waiting in line for people to go on rides, waiting in line for the bathroom, walking around looking for a good room to chill in...) and it was my first time without a cuddle buddy. I did, however, get to chill with Thelma a lot and afterwards I got dropped off at P's and he was an excellent cuddle buddy.

My bunny ears stayed on the whole night! But my tail fell off =(

The next morning we got up pretty early considering I couldn't sleep and wouldn't let him sleep until the crack of dawn...and we were off to LA to move me out of my apartment. So that was my Sunday...moving...and today I woke up and went back to my old my place to finish cleaning out the kitchen and bathroom, went to UCLA to turn in my petition to graduate and then went back to my new place to pick up my blankets and Taz and then we were off to the Bay Area which is where I am now. I'm exhausted. I plan on sleeping for the next few days, hanging out with family and getting drunk with my friends =) If anyone wants to hang out gimme a call or IM me! I just noticed the 11 comments from Thursday's post but I'm too tired to look right now ><

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

i love john hawkins

Everytime John Hawkins at Right Wing News links to me my hits skyrocket. I wonder if I ever actually retain any of the readers he sends my way. Anyway, it's such a rush seeing myself linked on RWN because John Hawkins is definitely one of my favorite bloggers if not the favorite. It's like being noticed by a celebrity!

Oh yeah, change of plans for EDC...I'll be going as a bunny instead =) If you see a bumble bee, a butterfly, a bunny, a care bear, a fairy and some other cute, garden-related creatures that will probably be me and my friends.

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I can't think of anything to write. I haven't been keeping up with the news, haven't been turning on the TV even really, I feel so disconnected. P and I actually did watch a little bit of the 11 o'clock news two nights ago and it was like BAM BAM BAM - one depressing story after another. They started off with the story about the South Korean kidnap victim who was beheaded...showing his family...Korean-Americans mourning in K-town...the worst was when they showed the video clip of him begging for his life. It made me want to cry. It made me want those terrorist bastards to die slow, painful deaths. Fuck the Geneva Conventions, those sub-human creatures deserved to be treated like the disgusting animals they are. Because no human being could have watched that man plead for his life like that and still beheaded him.

I'm really...the word isn't happy...relieved maybe...that the South Korean government is standing firm and sending another 3,000 troops anyway. We cannot let those monsters terrorize and threaten us into backing down. I'm reminded once again of Frank J's serious column.

My guess is a lot of the liberals out there will say I'm not seeing it from the other perspective...seeing it from the "freedom fighter" point of view...but to me that's just bullshit. Sometimes there is a right and there is a wrong and this time we are right and they are wrong. They may have started out with a justifiable cause (over half a century ago) but at this point they are just killing innocent human beings who have done nothing except try to help out their [the terrorists'] fellow Muslims.

I know I said I had nothing to say and then I launched into this long-winded ramble, but I just hate that there are people like that alive in the world today. However, unlike a liberal, just because I hate the fact that people like that exist, I'm not going to pretend they don't, or try to paint them into a prettier picture at the cost of making America seem like some sort of imperialistic war-monger. Why are liberals so afraid to label evil...except when it comes to the country that has provided them with everything including the right to parade around in the street like morons with their stupid slogans and crazy antics (i.e. drenching oneself with red paint and then running around harrassing people stopped at left-turn signals). I will never understand their love for the baby-killing Palestinian and their hatred for our great nation. Okay I'm done. For now.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

floating along

Life is dandy right now. I don't think I have any pressing obligations at all in my life at the moment. Boredom is the biggest problem. Today I was so bored I went to work, but I'm not sure what the heck they would have done if I weren't there because we barely finished on time as it was...

Things with P are smooth sailing, but still there's that issue of "what is this?" At least for me. On the other hand he seems perfectly fine with this undefined "thing" we're doing. But I'm actually starting to feel okay about it too. If it's going somewhere it'll get there with or without me worrying about it right?

Electric Daisy Carnival this Saturday...I'll be there possibly dressed as a lady bug...if I can put together an outfit for myself. On Sunday P is going to help me move into my new place and I'll finally be rid of this leaky, old place known as "my first apartment."

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Out of Reach

Out of reach, so far
You never gave your heart
In my reach, I can see
There's a life out there for me
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Paul Johnson is Dead

I read this column by Frank J. over at RWN today. And you know what, I couldn't agree with him more.
We need to be one bold voice: We are America, and, if you try and stand between us and our safety, we will hurt you.

Go read the whole thing.
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Life is never simple.

But sometimes I think I make it even harder than it has to be. Maybe there is something to that whole nice guy's finishing last thing, or maybe it's just that hot guys finish first (and they tend to be assholes)?

I have nothing to do today for the first time in a very long time. It feels really nice. But the sky is completely overcast and it's chilly so no beach for me =( I think I'll probably end up at the tanning salon to soak up some fake sun instead. I really want to go shopping but I really shouldn't. But I probably will anyway =)

I'll be moving sometime at the end of this week and then I'm heading off to norcal for a week and then coming back for a few days before I fly off to Columbus, Ohio, for my cousin Darwin's wedding. (Yes, Ohio, not exactly the dream destination for my last vacation for at least the next six months).

Hopefully I can get more focused on politics once I start working full-time. I'm sick of posting updates on what I did/am doing on a given day.

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Saturday, June 19, 2004


I'm done! Just got back from the UCLA grad party at Garden of Eden a couple hours ago. It was crowded, sticky and completely asian-filled but I had fun...even in spite of being harrassed by a pushy asian guy who wouldn't remove his arm from around my waist. The thing that I hate the most about clubbing is the fact that it reminds me I can be way too nice, to the point of stupidity. For example, I got an answering machine because when a guy I don't want to ever speak to again asks for my number I give him my apartment number. The answering machine is relevant because ever since I started going out and actually meeting guys I've been screening my calls, this way they don't feel bad thinking I gave them a fake number (since they hear my name on the machine) but I never have to speak to them again =) I don't know what it is I just hate having to reject people. Maybe because rejection is my greatest fear so I hate having to do it. I'm always trying to find a way to say no without actually have to say no, but I'm finding that guys can be annoyingly persistent. Like the guy who kept putting his arm around my waist. I wanted to sock him but at the same time he seemed so pathetic that even when he said "Just tell me you're not interested and I'll leave you alone," all I could bring myself to say was "I just really have to go with my friends now." If anyone deserves to be rejected, that guy did, and yet I don't know what's wrong with me, I just couldn't bring myself to say it. Even though in retrospect that would definitely have been the correct and intelligent, not to mention completely justifiable, thing to do, at the moment all I could think was...it sounds so mean. And you know what, it's not even really that mean! So what the heck is wrong with me then?

It's funny, when it comes to politics, no one can say I have no spine. But when it comes to life? I'm a jellyfish.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

almost there...

I think I've done more today before 5 p.m. than I did all quarter. First I dropped off my lease application and money with my new roommate Hahn, then headed towards campus to (finally) talk to an academic counselor. The good news is that I might actually be able to switch a few credits around so I can graduate this quarter and not have to worry about that on requirement! I should find out within the next couple days if this is possible or not, but it sounds promising =) After that I met up with my momma and sister to give them my parking permit before heading to Santa Monica...another two hours of my life have been wasted waiting at the Planned Parenthood clinic. I really don't understand why it takes them so long just to dispense some pills, they're so completely inefficient it makes me sick. Finally I went to work to pick up my paycheck and batch a few Jones checks and now here I am cleaning my apartment of old wine bottles and waiting in anticipation for my mom and sister to come and guilt trip me into fighting traffic down the 405 to Torrance =\ No fun. I want to party man.
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busy busy busy

Bleh, I missed Wictory Wednesday again. I'm thinking I'm going to have to put up a permanent Wictory blogroll on my page just to make it fair. Things have been so hectic what with trying to lockdown the lease on a new apartment, finals, doctor's appointments and now I'm going to have to start packing. Helen is coming down this weekend and P is off to Vegas for a bachelor's party (bleh) so I plan on having myself a grand ol' time with the ladies! If anyone has any suggestions for bars/clubs to go to in LA or OC this weekend please share =)

I have to go on campus to talk to my academic counselor today and I was planning on taking pictures of the beautiful campus on my last day there as a student but it looks like it's going to rain. June gloom isn't supposed to last this long >< It's usually way over by graduation time. Oh well, I guess tomorrow is my last chance so hopefully the weather will be nice. I don't want my last memories of UCLA to look dark and depressing.

My momma is coming down tonight so she can take my sister home tomorrow. That means I must get rid of the bag of empty wine bottles and other remnants of alcoholic beverages in my apartment. Imagine if she saw a whole bag-full of empty wine bottles rather than the measly three bottles she saw last time, then she'd really think I'm in alcoholic (although I still think it's not a big deal to have a glass of wine after work).

Okay. I have a million things to take care of and I'm going to try and go into work for a few hours because my other co-worker is on vacation this week too so I know they're swamped.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

the blink of an eye

Jesus. It's almost over. (Yes I still have that one last requirement to take care of but let's ignore that for the moment). I remember orientation as though it was yesterday. Meeting my roommates for the first time. The moment I first realized I was actually a real college student. My memories of UCLA are all flashing before my eyes. There have been so many people of significance, events, places...I can't believe it's really over. The day I graduated from high school I cried, not so much because I was going to miss high school but mostly because the girls I'd grown up with were going to be scattered across the country. Today I feel deeply nostalgic. I'm really going to miss college, the whole experience, the whole lifestyle, the memories, the wild crazy fun, the laziness, the boredom, the randomness, the drunkeness, of course the friendships...everything. True, I don't know what else is in store for me but I definitely believe it when people tell me that college was the best time of their life. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be the same for me.

When I graduated from high school I asked myself if I could do it all over again, would I? The answer was a definitive: HELL NO. On the eve of my completion of college I ask myself that same question and the answer is...in a heartbeat. I think high school would have turned to shit no matter how many times I had to do it over, but if I could go back to my freshman year of college with all that I know now...For one my GPA would be a lot higher and I'd probably be going straight to grad school instead of making pennies in an attempt to meet someone who can get me into an amazing grad school (via an amazing letter of rec).

Anyway, I should stop procrastinating and go to bed so I can wake up bright and early for one last cram session ><

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Venice Beach 06.12.04

The ever lovely Julie =) I took down the other picture because she thought her face looked fat from that angle and we both looked a little weird cause of the glaring sun and wind...anyway it's gone now Julie!

The "drum congregation" a bunch of random strangers meet on the beach with their drums and play whatever they want. It's pretty cool to just sit there and listen to all the different drum sounds come together.

And of course what trip to Venice would be complete without a crazy hippy who hates Bush?

I asked him if it'd be okay if I took some pictures and he said please do...little did he know they'd be posted on a pro-Bush website in order to mock him and his silly ways =)

I had a Red Bull about 4 hours ago and my head still hurts >< I should sleep. I have a final tomorrow.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

so close and yet so far away

I'm almost done >< I really really hope this is the beginning of something good.
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biter bitch

It has come to my attention that once again the same person who stole my intellectual property doesn't seem to have realized that this is wrong. Let me make this very clear. I am me. You are not me. Please do not use words you stole directly from my blog because these words are part of who I am. Try having an original thought instead of stealing mine okay. And also, if you are reading this, and I hope you know who you are...this is a little extra message from me to you out of the kindness of my heart...the boy ain't all that so move on already. And I mean if you still want him that's fine, he's not mine anymore so I don't see why you are stealing my shit. Anyway, please cease and desist immediately or I may be forced to hunt you down. (Yes I'm weird about people stealing from my website.)
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Saturday, June 12, 2004

i love la (today anyway)

I'm about to head to the beach with my buddy Julie. Got my fatty poli sci reader, beach towel, and camera ready to go in my backpack. Amazing how much a little sun and a little ass can brighten up your mood =) Two more days and I'm done ><
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Friday, June 11, 2004


so what we learned here is love tastes bitter when it's gone
past yourself, forget the light, things look dirty when it's on
funny how it comes to pass that all the good slips away
and there's no one around you can remember being good to you

shouldn't try you
couldn't step by you
and open up more shame

what we lost here is something better left alone
second steps have been forgotten
will you tell me how they go?
set yourself, situate, like a fool try again
there's no one around you can remember being good for you

so shame
shouldn't try you
couldn't step by you
and open up more shame

we never thought we'd get so troubled
we could never think that much
it should never get this bad

so let the wind blow ya
across the big floor
but there's no one around who can tell us what we're here for

funny in certain light how we all look the same
and there's no one in life you can remember ever stood for you

so shame
shouldn't try you
couldn't step by you
and open up more shame

- matchbox 20

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pause please

I can't handle stress. I feel so paralyzed, like a deer caught in the headlights...I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Maybe there isn't anything to do and that's why I'm so stressed. Either way this sucks. I hate myself so much right now. I am an idiot. I'd tell you but then you'd just think I was one too. I suck. S-U-C-K.
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

wasting my time

I feel like I've wasted so much of myself, and my time, on the wrong damn people. It's such a bad habit and I can't seem to break it.
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My apartment feels so disgusting right now even though it isn't all that bad. It's just old and falling apart and the carpets are stained beyond recognition. Combine that my things dropped in random places and voila everything looks and feels like a huge mess. I can't wait to move out of here. If my room feels like a mess I usually do too.

Truthfully, getting out of LA would be ideal. Lately I've been feeling the need, the desperate desire really, to get the hell away from this place. I wish I could run away to someplace completely new. If only I could afford to meander through Europe for awhile (or forever). Somewhere where I could get lost for awhile and not give a damn because I wasn't looking for anything anyway. Except maybe myself.

I definitely got this from my dad. Wanderlust. I think one of the reasons I'm such a contradiction is because my parents are complete opposites personality-wise and I'm a mixture of both of them. My mom is a very family-oriented, stability-oriented person who means what she says and says what she means and rarely strays from the course she's mapped out for herself. This isn't to say my mom isn't a risk-taker...after 20 years as a computer programmer with Bank of America she left her job to get her masters in family therapy and she just recently started a counseling center out of our church back home. She made that decision to go back to school and she saw it all the way through. This is probably what I admire most about both my mother and my sister, they have this amazing ability to dedicate themselves completely to something. They will never give half of themselves to the things or people or God that they love. So anyway, I'm pretty sure the part of me that craves stability and tradition comes from my mom.

Then there's my dad, who's a completely different story. I know my dad loves us, but the part of me that has this romantic notion of wandering a foreign place alone comes from him and I know that a part of him probably always has one foot mentally out the door. My dad has been interested in a million different things, most recently his music, but before that there was the *insert derogatory adjective* bitch he cheated on my mom with, before that there was the stock market, before that there was his flea-market stand...and so on and so forth. I can be like that a lot too. My mom periodically brings up the fact that she thinks I have ADD. It's funny my mom is totally anti-medication (she is a therapist after all and not a psychiatrist hehe) but the more she gets to know me the more she thinks I need to be medicated for all these psychological disorders.

Neither of my parents are lazy though, so where did that come from? Hm...Oh well, that's beside the point...

So that's why I'm always going in two different directions, can't make up my mind for shit and yet I know exactly what I want too. And that's why I say I want stability but I wish I could run away from what's shaping up to be a "stable" life right here in Los Angeles. I want an unstable stability. My dad has a lot of romantic notions of how life should be. And I think I got 'em all.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jane Doe

Sometime last year a girl was raped in the dorms. Three monsters sexually assaulted her in her own room and are now apparently being retried for sexual assault. Please sign this petition supporting the case and this poor girl who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Rapists should be tortured.
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Monday, June 07, 2004

i want a boy...

with beautiful eyes
who looks good shirtless in pajama pants
who loves America as much as I do
who believes in doing what you love and not just what makes money
with lips you just want to lick
who thinks I look good even when I really don't
with lofty ambitions
who is never needlessly mean or cruel to anyone
who means what he says and says what he means
who never stops trying
who wants to spend a Sunday afternoon reading in the park with me
who lets me be crazy sometimes and doesn't try to fix me
without (too much) baggage
who can hold his own in a debate (on anything)
who cooks for me
who takes care of me when I'm sick
who watches football games with me
who volunteers
who thinks he can make a difference
who can write beautifully
who wants to take care of me (even if I don't always let him)
with a whole life, separate from mine, that he lets me into
who I can talk to forever
who loves me so much he can't hide it
who knows what he wants from life and me
who knows himself
who I can be a little brat around sometimes
who I can spend a whole day in bed with watching TV or nothing at all
who I just have to look at to be turned on
who knows how to have fun

In junior high school me, Helen, Grace and Lian used to make all these lists of qualities we'd want in a guy. One time we even drew a composite of Lian's perfect guy and named him and everything (Julian Chen...or was it Julien?). Anyway, I started to think a few weeks ago that maybe I'd have a better idea of what I'm actually looking for in a boy if I started a list of qualities my ideal guy would have. So there's the beginning of my list. I'm sure it'll get a lot longer. Obviously I don't expect to find someone who matches perfectly, heck I'd be happy with 51% =) I've had some unpleasant experiences with relationships, usually because I get used and taken for granted, so sadly my expectations are rather low.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

A Thank You

When President Reagan first took office I wasn't even a fetus yet. When I was young, I had no idea, no concept of what a great man he was. The Cold War was this vague distant idea to me because by the time I was old enough to be afraid of the end of the world, the Cold War was over. And I never knew who to thank for that, I never knew there was something to be thankful for, until I started studying history on my own, away from the biases of my liberal high school teachers.

I remember watching this interview on FoxNews with Michael Reagan awhile back, around the time Miracle came out, and Mr. Reagan was asked what he thought President Reagan would feel was his own proudest achievement. Mr. Reagan responded by beginning to talk about Miracle and how in that movie (set in 1980) you can really see how America was discouraged and down on itself at that time...the Soviets were winning, the liberals in our own country were busy convincing everyone maybe the commies weren't so bad after all (they only killed twenty plus million of their own people)...we lost our sense of right and wrong and the belief that we were on the side of "good." Americans had lost their faith in America. Then President Reagan took office and he told Americans that the Soviets were the "evil empire," that we were fighting the good fight...he restored our belief in ourselves. And that is what Michael Reagan thought his father was most proud of.

I'm not sure what else to say. But, I guess because of the Alzheimer's, this was for the best. At least now he's in Heaven. I just wanted to finally say thanks I guess.

UPDATE: I found this quote on Serenity's Journal...

"What I'd really like to do is go down in history as the President who made Americans believe in themselves again."

So I guess Michael Reagan wasn't just guessing hehe.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

when it rains it pours

Just found out Ronald Reagan passed away today. And I thought I felt as bad as I possibly could already.
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Evil Song

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Friday, June 04, 2004

we will never surrender

I was just reading the site of a friend of a friend (sort of) and he talked about how Eisenhower had basically a concession speech of sorts prepared during WWII. It seemed like he was trying to take a jab at President Bush by insinuating he is incapable of the same "humility." But you know what, first of all Eisenhower wasn't the POTUS at the time, he was a general and his speech seems like it was more for the purpose of consoling the troops(like hey, I was the tactical "brain" so if the strategy fails, it's my fault)...but beyond that...I really hope President Bush doesn't have a "we lost" speech prepared cause the fact is we cannot and will not lose this war. We will defeat the terrorists because the alternative is to let them win and that's something I think no American should be willing to accept. Period.
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I don't know why but I've been feeling lonely lately.
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I missed Wictory Wednesday again >< Gah!

I've been sleeping a lot lately. I didn't get anything done this week that I needed to. And I have to go to work now. Hopefully this will be a more productive (or at least entertaining) weekend. P and I are supposed to go watch the third Harry Potter movie, yay! =)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Standard - May 20, 2004

I'm sure anyone who knows me "in real life" is amazed to see me out with a group of girls. Strange I know...Joyce finally found some female friends =o That's Thelma, Julie and Sabrina at the bottom and myself and Cathy up top (respectively).

Me, Thelma, Julie (getting drunker by the moment)

Guess who were the most drunk that night =)

Myself and my best friend at UCLA, Jesse.

Upstairs at the Standard (the rest of these were taken in the lobby by the way).

Julie, Sabrina, myself...we were "running" into the "trees." Yes, alcohol played a large role in the taking of this picture hehe.

I won't even bother explaining this one.

That's all for now, I have class in half an hour ><

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I just realized it's been days since I've checked my email.
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