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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

early to bed...

The Cheney/Jones event went very smoothly and we collected over $50k for Bill Jones at the door. I didn't get to have my picture taken with VP Cheney, but the photographer promised me one with President Bush when he comes in August so I don't mind =) Both Dick and Lynn Cheney are great speakers, one of my coworkers jokingly said he was secretly hoping Cheney would have a heart attack so that Lynn could step in...and it'd still be a Bush-Cheney ticket hehe.

Life has been weird lately. I still feel out of focus.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

oh yeah!

I almost forgot to mention...our living room has been deflowered! =o I won't say by who...but let's just say part of our living room floor will no longer be sat on.
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hello? is anyone out there?

I hate Mondays. This one in particular. My weekend was so much fun and this Monday sucked so much worse in comparison. Mars, Gary, Debbie and Anne stayed with me for the weekend and on Friday night we met up with mixed Chris, Sara and Nessa at the Yardhouse in Pasadena for a late dinner and drinks. Gary and Mars each ordered a full-yard and despite the fact that they paid more (and risked a $20 charge for breaking the extremely delicate looking yard-glasses) they felt the entertainment of trying to drink out of such an inconveniently shaped glass was well worth it. Whoever dreamt up the concept behind Yardhouse is a genius.

I woke up Saturday morning scrunched into a ball in one corner of my bed, covered by only a tiny flap of my blanket because Mars' and his 6'2" self was taking up the bottom half of my bed and most of my covers. After watching the first disc of season two of 24 (which Paul got me for my birthday) we headed to Tommy's for some chili and cheese covered food (their first time there). Then we went to the Santa Monica pier and were going to lay out in the sand for a bit until we realized none of us brought towels (we're geniuses I tell you). Mars and I hunted down a frozen banana (for him) and stumbled over a bar with a Saturday happy hour so the five of us decided to take a break before walking back to the car. After getting my sunglasses (which have been broken for a year and a half) fixed for free and in under ten minutes, we shopped on the Promenade for about an hour before heading home to get ready for my birthday dinner.

Of course, because we are Asian, we left my apartment at 9:30, an hour behind schedule *cough*Thelma and P*cough* and had to wait almost an hour to eat...but it turned out okay because World Cafe has premium martinis for 8 bucks and the lounge area was pretty empty still. All I ate all day was a Krispy Kreme glazed donut and half an order of Tommy's chili's cheese fries...and since it was my birthday and all I finished two martinis before we were even seated for dinner. Needless to say I got quite drunk Saturday night. I still remember everything that happened but I remember it like it was a dream if you know what I mean haha =) Don't worry I didn't do anything stupid/embarrassing, I just get a little louder when I'm drunk and I walk around with a big moronic smile plastered onto my face. Too bad I forgot my camera.

Let's see that brings me to Sunday. I woke up without a hangover (I'm convinced it was the premium vodka as opposed to the usual Popov or Smirnoff or something equally disgusting) but P didn't fare quite so well (he mostly drank the dirty Smirnoff because he had to drive and couldn't drink until we got home). He went home and I went out to Roscoe's with everyone else...came back to the apartment...food coma for four hours (also because I was exhausted from the night before)...yup that was my weekend. Completely unproductive, lots of alcohol. But it was so much fun and I didn't have to pay for it with a hangover!

That brings me to today. Which sucked. Work sucked because I found out that there's a chance I'm going to get left behind in the office during the VP Cheney event tomorrow. I better not though...one of the few perks of this job is getting to go to these events and hear people like Vice-President Cheney speak...I just feel completely under-appreciated there right now because I do all the bitch work. Oh yeah and to Serenity and Dorsano, thanks for the advice about teaching...it was something I kind of thought about doing before I got my internship with the current company. I think I could really enjoy teaching and I wouldn't mind grading papers...heck anything is better than alphabetizing for 12 hours straight >< But yeah, it's definitely something I still need to think about for awhile...And to Dave, there actually is one more President Bush event in August (well, it's technically the RNC Gala, but President Bush will be there). If anyone is interested let me know and I'll email you the invite. It starts at $1k. Also, Senator Arlen Specter will be fundraising here in August if anyone's interested in that.

Um, yeah there was a bunch of other stuff about today that sucked but now I think I've written more than enough for today especially considering I edited a few more Ohio pictures...Oh yeah, without Mr. Howard Ching I would not be able to make it through the work day...thanks for being the only other person online at 8:30 in the morning! You're the best =)

They bought 88 dozen roses and the bride and her bridesmaids hand-made all the flower arrangments.

My grandma and grandpa (well actually step-grandpa...they were both widowed and got married to each other in their 70's).

Little Ian in his Ohio State wagon got to be the ringbearer.

This was a practice run.

Luckily he didn't put the helmet in his mouth during the actual wedding.

My cousin Darwin being walked down the aisle by his pastors.

This was during Darwin's parent-appreciation speech...there was not a single dry eye in the house, you can see the best-man bawling in the background.

My Aunt Margaret (his mommy) during the parent-appreciation speech.

The happy couple.

Me, my mom, my sister.

I never noticed this before but I think I got my smile from my grandma.

My cousin Janie and her daughter Christina.

And there's her son Justin.

And there's Justin sleeping at the reception...there is apparently a picture of him dancing with his pants down around his ankles at my cousin Steve's wedding so you know the kid is going to have one embarrassing slideshow at his wedding.

To the left of the empty chair is my sister, then me, my cousin Steven, his wife Janice, my cousin Karen, my cousin Eric, then his wife Mindy and finally my cousin Jennifer (the empty seat is her boyfriend Joel, who was taking the picture).

This was taken the morning everyone left, I woke up to my mom dangling Ian's legs in my face at 8 a.m. I look rather disheveled but he's so darn cute even at 8 a.m. =)

My grandma, my aunt and Ian...three generations in one picture =)

Okay that's all for now! My tendonitis is starting to make itself known again.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

grindin' it out

I have officially been working full-time for one week now. Happy Birthday to me. This is the first year I've had to do anything on my birthday (other than maybe an hour or two of summer school) and I must say I don't like it one bit. I'm already starting to get fed up with my job, mainly because as an intern I did all the brainless, boring, clerical, "let's give it to the intern" bs...and now that I'm a full-time worker that's pretty much what I do all day long....for ten hours a day. It makes me want to throw myself out the window. The main problem is the Bill Jones campaign is so unknown there are no volunteers willing to come in and do the filing/data entry...so guess who it gets pushed off on? That's right, me! I already bought myself a CBEST study book and if things don't get better soon (pay-wise and work-wise) I think it'll be time to move on. I went to college for a reason dagnabit, I want to use my brain! I do want to stay at least until the election though.

The more I think about it the more this job makes me want to be a teacher. You get to do meaningful work (hopefully as a high school econ/gov teacher I could teach the children of tomorrow about a little thing I like to call "common sense")...compared to what I'm making now the pay is fabulous (not to mention I'd get benefits too, which I don't get at all right now despite my sh*tty pay)....school gets out in the early afternoon whereas I have to work ten or more hours a day (ten hours would be a short day for me actually)...and I'd get three months off in the summer to bartend and play and enjoy my birthday, instead of doing filing/data entry in an office for 10 hours and begging to be let off early so I can meet P for a birthday dinner.

Yes, in almost every way, teaching beats the job I have now. And people think teachers are underpaid...if they only knew.

But I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much since I'm writing this from my terminal at work =)  I just really want to do something at work that is beyond the capabilities of a well-trained monkey.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

i think i can

I'm at work right now and I think I need caffeine. Except caffeine never wakes me up so scratch that. I successfully made spring rolls for the first time ever on Saturday (thanks to my friend Paul who supervised the whole event) and they were even approved by Julie =)  Otherwise my weekend was rather uneventful, I've been trying to rest my right arm and I actually managed to straighten it out yesterday for the first time in weeks. My birthday is on Tuesday...it's the first birthday I'm not excited about at all. Should I get back to work now? Perhaps.
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Thursday, July 15, 2004


I have to sleep soon and my tendonitis is still acting up but I edited a few pictures from my Ohio trip...they're mostly of my baby nephew Ian cause he's a little cutie pie.

My nephew Ian and his daddy...can't you see the resemblance =)

That's his mommy, my cousin Ingrid, isn't she pretty...and way too young to be a mom!



Here's another cutie pie...my niece Natalie =) Look at those cheeks.

My cousin Jennifer, my sister Candace, my Mommy (with her eyes closed...she hates that) and me.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

tendonitis is a bitch

The tendonitis in my right wrist/elbow has returned with a fierceness. Even the free samples of Bextra (courtesy of one of my uncle's) aren't helping right now. So the update on my trip to Ohio and my first full day of work will have to wait =(
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Sunday, July 11, 2004

greetings from the buckeye state

So here I am in Ohio and I finally found a moment to be alone with the internet. The last few days have been a whirlwind of family, fun, food...and I get to bask in it for another day or so before returning to the drudgery and shithole that is Los Angeles. Not that I love Ohio or anything, but it's nice being in a place where people are more wholesome and down to earth (or maybe it's just because my family is made up of a bunch of goody-goodies and their friends tend to be the same way). It's ridiculously humid here and there was a freak thunderstorm earlier but it's so nice being around family again. I think I would be a much better person if I were just around my family all the time. I definitely love the friends I've made in LA but I realized a lot about my life and lifestyle while I've been out here and I really hope I have the willpower to make certain things change when I get back. I don't know how successful I'll be with that but we'll see I guess...I'll write in more detail when I get back because I think it's important for me to get it all down somewhere so I can look back later and remind myself of what I want/need. Also, I actually managed to remember my digital camera this time...and I actually used it too! Exciting stuff. Be back in Cali tomorrow =)
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

It's Wictory Wednesday!

And what's even better is, I remembered for once! I heard from someone that Edwards is now officially Kerry's running-mate...which is supposed to be bad news for us Republicans or something. Most people seem to think Bush can't win now, something I really hope isn't true. The thought of waking up one morning to a "President John Kerry" makes me want to cry. I better make sure to re-register now that I've moved. Anyway, please volunteer and/or donate to Victory 2004 =)
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

dial-up, oh the horror

I'm back in my new apartment now and my super-cool roommate Hahn fixed our phone jacks today so now I'm on dialup. DSL won't be up until next Wednesday =\ But I'm grateful for this because all I've done for the last couple days is watch DVD's (I watched 45, twenty-five minute episodes of Sport's Night, which is by the way a very liberal show). I went to work today I was so desperate for something to do.

P came to visit the night I got back. Seeing him made me feel so much better. It's nice. He even wanted to take me to the airport, except he can't because it's during work. But it's the thought that counts =) I almost don't even care about whether or not he's "officially" my "boyfriend."

P.S. I spent the 4th listening to firecrackers go off somewhere outside while I sat in bed, all alone in my brand new big apartment (except for Taz of course), watching Sport's Night.

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Saturday, July 03, 2004


I'm about to head back to LA, just waiting on my parents to come back from Costco with my grandma. We have no internet or tv set up in our apartment yet so I'm going to be going crazy down there until we do. I'll probably just spend all my time at work where we have both internet and cable television (and I get paid!). Oh yeah, a big, huge thank you to my friend Li who told me how I could get out of my DirecTV account (the loophole is to suspend your account and then cancel it once your contract expires). The only downside is having to wait til next week to have cable set up...but it's worth not having to pay over $150 to DirecTV for a move I was reassured would be "no big deal."

I hung out with Mars, Gary and big Kevin last night...originally Eric's friends but I got custody of them for the night I guess. Talking to them made me realize I'm still pretty...bitter? Maybe hurt. I don't know. I do think I'm mostly over him, but there are things I miss. Being with George was like a lesson in what I don't want in a guy or a relationship (not that it was all bad, but it was definitely a learning experience), but I don't think I would have ever gotten tired of Eric, or at least I never did until the end when he was just pushing me away. Even then I was a damn devoted girlfriend. I miss the playfulness...the goofiness...I don't know. I really shouldn't think about this anymore. It just makes me wonder. I was so ready and willing to settle down with him (you know, the big M) but I was in that place all by myself. And when I think back to when he was active in the Marines and how much he would miss me and how it seemed like he wanted to settle down too...I don't know. Would I have stayed with him while he was in the Middle East if I didn't expect to marry him? Shouldn't that have been a clue to him? I guess I just feel a little bit tricked and a little bit used by him. I was there for him when he needed someone because he was alone and lonely and craving comfort and stability...and then once he got to a place where he didn't need that so much anymore I went into the garbage can along with all his other past (temporary) passions...like his motorcycle...paintball gun...etc. This post has really devolved into an incoherent ramble. But I just can't help but feel like he threw me away. And if Eric, who I honestly believed would never break my heart, could do that to me, then why should things ever be any different.

Bleh, I'm stupid.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Do they put something in the water?

We (my family) took my grandmother out of her nursing home today for a trip to Monterey Bay & Carmel. We started with lunch at this little French restaurant in Carmel on Mission between Ocean and 7th that my mom insists we go to everytime we're in the area. The food was delicious as usual (well, I haven't had it since I was in 11th grade, but it was certainly delicious) and for once my sister and I managed to save room for dessert...mocha custard with strawberries on top, yum =) After lunch we wheeled my grandma down Ocean Avenue for a few blocks so we could check out all the gorgeous flowers the city has planted everywhere and the art galleries. We concluded that the city of Carmel must put something in their water because the flowers there are so bright and uniquely colored, too bad I left my digital camera in LA...boo =(

After Carmel we went on the 17-mile drive starting with the Pebble Beach resort area. There were some amazing views (again hating myself for not bringing the camera up), and more brightly colored flowers but it wasn't the most wheelchair accessible place so we continued on. When we got to the lone tree cypress (or something like that) we stopped and fed all these tiny squirrels peanuts and stared out at the beautiful view for so long that my grandma decided she did want to come out of the car too. After that we pretty much just made a couple more stops along the beaches and headed back to Fremont for some chinese food at 3-6-9.

All in all a nice day with the family. I think I'm going to be more homesick now than I was before.

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