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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

movie quote of the week

"Love is friendship on fire."
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

if you missed it, you missed out

After watching the Suns-Mavs game tonight I am convinced that Nash is some kind of magical basketball elf with enchanted pixie dust that guides the ball into the basket no matter how awkward or improbable the shot. I mean seriously, that crazy shot as he was falling out of bounds under the basket, with Dirk falling over him to boot. Can you even practice shots like that?
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a friendly reminder

Hm...apparently the apartment managers didn't actually plan for the water to be turned off this morning. Just my luck, a pipe broke in the middle of my shower. I kid you not. I had flashbacks to my stint as a property manager when I passed by the management office and noticed two frazzled looking maintenance men standing near the elevator, arms folded across their chests, and the two building managers frantically scrambling about - one coming out of a closet with a large contraption (complete with giant hose), the other searching for something in a desk. Moments like that make me glad I'm no longer a property manager. Because inevitably a water pipe will burst at the most inopportune moment and will make you hate your life. I know it has to be someone's job to deal with everything that goes wrong in the world, but it doesn't have to be mine.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i lack the ability to rinse my hair with a jug of drinking water

I have massive amounts of shampoo in my hair. Right. Now. Management turned off the water while I was in the shower this morning. No warning, just poof, one minute I'm shaving my legs and the next I'm left waterless with a ton of shampoo all over my head. And I have class in half an hour. Yay.

If I wasn't such a wuss I'd go down to the apartment managers' office right now and give them an earful about the need to post signs the day before they shut off all the water. I mean, if I had known I was under time constraints I would have prioritized my shower and gone with washing the shampoo out of my hair instead of shaving.

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you shouldn't leave shampoo in your hair for extended periods of time.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

i'm sorry, the number you are trying to reach has been disconnected

I learned via Lian that DiaryX had a server failure and all of the sites that they hosted (and all content) was deleted. Not backed up. And gone forever.

I had three separate DiaryX sites. I don't think I touched them at all in 2006. But I used to update the short blurbs/story board site quite often and lost a lot of good material there. I also lost my password-protected journal from college. Those are the two I am most sad about - the third was relatively new and probably only had about ten entries in it anyway. But the loss of the first two is quite upsetting.

The only thing I have to be glad about is that the one completed story that I had stored on the blurb site WAS backed up (by me) (go me!). Reason #10242954543 to print out all content.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

bullet-point blogging

  •   Apparently, cats are not big fans of lobster. At least mine isn't.

  •   I've been meaning to write something about the Lakers-Suns series and how it ended. Basically, I say Kobe has nothing to complain about because even though his team does suck and would not have even made it to the playoffs without him - this is the team he wanted. He thought he could do it by himself and now he's discovered he can't. Cry me a river. It's sad that so much talent is going to waste just because Kobe wants all eyes on him all the time. I don't buy all that, "I was sticking the game plan," bs because that is not what a champion does. If the "game plan" means you have ZERO chance of winning the game, you have to be flexible enough to do whatever it takes to win. When Michael Chang was up against No. 1 Ivan Lendl and he was cramping to the point where he almost wanted to give up, what did he do? He changed the game plan. And David beat Goliath. Isn't that what playoffs are all about? About champions stepping up at key moments to pull off seemingly impossible victories? Sure Kobe pulled it out in Game 4, but, well, who cares? What did Game 4 mean in the grand scheme of that series? Nothing. The only game that meant anything in the end was Game 7, a game that Kobe handed to the Suns by "sticking to the game plan." I know that I'm usually annoyed at Kobe for doing the exact opposite, for taking too many shots, and I know people are like "blah blah Kobe gets criticized no matter what he does" which, I guess, yeah he probably does, but the problem with his performance in Game 7 is not merely that he didn't shoot, it's that he really didn't help his teammates get good shots either. I admit, I'm pretty much a basketball newbie but even I can see the difference between creating plays for your teammates (a la Steve Nash) and merely passing the ball. Phew. Feels good to get that out of my system.

  •   Playoffs have been very exciting this year, I've actually been turning them on even before Paul gets home and watching them without him. Me, the girl who hates anything but the last five minutes of a basketball game because anyone can still win up to that point (and sometimes until the last 1.1 seconds). But I'm really starting to enjoy basketball and appreciate the flow and intricacies of the game. Of course, the season I'm really looking forward to starts in September...one thing I think NFL could learn from the NBA is to have series for the playoffs instead of just one game for each round. I think football players might be able to handle best of three.

  •   I am leaning towards going back to my old company on a part-time basis. Even though I'm not totally happy with the Republican party right now, what am I going to do really? Support the Democrats? Like that will help anything. I may not agree with everything Republican congress people do but they are still more closely in line with my beliefs than Democrats so I can still justify working for them. I still believe that it is in the best interest of the country to keep Republicans in power. And I guess I cling to the (perhaps silly) belief that they will see the light eventually and clamp down on the border and employers before coming to us with talk of a "path to citizenship."

  •   Today is Paul's birthday =) He's a quarter of a century year old.
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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    parade of the action figures

    Last night I saw Rocky (or Rambo, whichever Sly movie you prefer) take a picture with the Terminator. It was a strange moment in my life. Especially when the Terminator started teasing Rocky for making cheaper movies. So this is how celebrities tease each other, I thought.

    Another hilarious moment came just minutes later when Rocky, the Terminator, and the aging and very frail host (of the fundraiser) lined up to take a picture together and Arnold said, "This is the stud picture," as only Arnold can say in his Austrian accent.

    Moments like that are what make me kinda want to go back. It's true, I will never have another job that affords me the opportunity to make such...priceless...memories. Also, it sounds like I am missed there (for my freakish typing skills and organizational abilities) which is always nice. My old supervisor said he would be happy to have me just come in as often as I wanted so I could teach my old systems to the new people. You see, the key to knowing how to streamline procedures is to be so lazy that you absolutely refuse to work any harder than necessary and thus create procedures that maximize efficiency. See, Ma? My laziness has come in handy after all.

    So yes, I may be going back. Maaaaaybe. We'll see. They're sucking me in slowly...next week, I'll be volunteering at their non-profit event with Garth Brooks.

    Also, while they are representing Senators like DeWine who is on wrong side (imho) of the immigration issue, they also represent Talent, Burns and Allen, and possibly a few others (they have their fingers in EVERY important Republican race nowadays) who made Polipundit's Hall of Heroes. I could probably just request not to be put on any DeWine campaign related projects. Ah. I'm rationalizing going back >< This is not a good sign.

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    Monday, May 15, 2006

    never say never

    I'm pretty sure that when I left, I swore to myself I'd never go back. Well. Looks like I'm eating my words, at least in part. I wasn't going to, but then I talked to Paul, Mr. Voice of Reason and he was all, "Blah, blah, good opportunity, blah, blah, you need to take advantage of it, blah blah, important people can get you internships/jobs, blah, blah."

    So then I emailed my old supervisor and told him to put me down as a volunteer for the event with the governor on Wednesday. And poof. I'm back. Sort of. Hopefully I've grown savvy enough to use this opportunity to make some connections in the business world. They should come in handy when I'm looking for an internship next summer.

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    something to ponder

    Well, it's official. I have now been unemployed for six months and the unemployment checks won't be coming anymore. Boo. This means that I need to find myself some part time work to hold me over until September, when hopefully I will find myself in the safe haven of student loans =P

    I called my old supervisor today about getting a letter of recommendation and mentioned that I might be looking for part time work soon and he said that I could always go back there and do all those fun things I used to do (batching checks, data entry, research, etc.). It's tempting because it's familiar, but then I think, do I really want to go back there? The place that I'm pretty sure stressed me to the point of getting sick? And do I really want to go back into the world of campaigns and what goes on behind the scenes? And do I really want to work on all of these campaigns now that I'm irritated with the Senate Republicans and President Bush on the immigration issue?

    There has to be a better part time job out there.

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    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    when pigs fly

    Tonight I made baby red potatoes with roasted chicken (store-bought), cheddar cheese, bacon bits, chives and sour cream on the side.

    Paul asked me tonight where his real Joyce went and demanded that I bring her back.

    Tomorrow I am attempting seared tuna salad with a wasabi dressing. This is big people. It involves using the stove. Alone. With no supervision. Have I mentioned that I am afraid of the stove? My mother instilled this phobia of oil flying out of the pan and burning me while I was still very young and I have never really gotten over it. I am also scared of knives. So you can see why this whole cooking thing is rather uncharacteristic of me.

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    from the diary of a messy girl living with a compulsive neat freak

    Ok, I admit it, I am a packrat and kind of a mess. I have the tendency to leave important documents sitting around in odd places (like under the bed or folded up in a Sephora bag) but the thing is I know exactly where each of those important documents is. My brain is a bizarre sort of filing system.

    This worked out well for me when I was living on my own. Everything was always exactly where I left it and important information was thus always easily accessible.

    Now? That I live with Paul aka the obsessive clean freak? Things are not working out so well. In fact, I might have to kill him tonight. Important documents in above-mentioned Sephora bag? Likely thrown out last month when I was stupid enough to leave him alone in the apartment for four days. What was I thinking ><

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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    justifying my existence

    Making the baked mussels all by myself yesterday gave me a shot of confidence in terms of my cooking abilities.

    One of the few times I attempted to cook (it was a simple dish, too) my own mother took one bite and declared that I would have to finish any leftovers on my own. Yes, it was that bad.

    But! Yesterday! I made baked mussels WITHOUT ANY SUPERVISION! In fact! No one else was even home! And I did not burn down the apartment! Cookies for everyone!

    So, understandably I am now starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I can finally justify staying home all day long while Paul (the one that can cook and clean) goes off to work.

    This is what I made for dinner tonight (with minimal supervision from Paul):

    1. Cheddar quesadillas w/store bought salsa verde (the label was in Spanish and it was in a can, it is delicious and I will be buying all my salsa verde in cans from now on)

    2. Chicken salad with a peanut-soy dressing

    3. Garlic shrimp

    4. Baked potatoes au gratin

    A dinner fit for the playoffs =)

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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    welcome back to the jungle

    Hello, I am home. And look what I made!

    Baked mussels!

    And crab too, apparently.
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    Friday, May 05, 2006

    reality check

    I just got called Mrs. (Paul's last name) for the first time by the lady from guest services calling to see how we like our room. Interesting.
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    there's no i in team

    I didn't get back from Philly until 1:30 am and my neck is killing me and I'm exhausted but I just had to link this site and in particular this post. Came back just in time last night to see the Lakers get pwned in overtime. Sure Kobe is good but he's not as great as the media and Lakers fan make him out to be. I say it to Paul all the time and I'll say it again here: Basketball is about teamwork. I like watching teams like the Pistons because it's amazing to see five guys play as one unit. That is what basketball is all about. It's not about one guy who wants to make all the shots so all the glory can be his when they win. Guys like Steve Nash play with so much heart and passion and a TRUE love of the game and clearly play in such a way that improves their entire team. Kobe plays in a cold and calculating manner, his only concern is for how HE can get the win, as evidenced by his last second air ball against the Suns in regulation last night.

    I told Paul after game four that inevitably the old selfish ball hog Kobe would be back. Why? Because people who are fundamentally selfish don't change, and certainly don't change over night. I knew it was just a matter of time before the old Kobe reappeared. My theory is that after game four Kobe figured they had the series locked up and it was time for him to be the superstar again. I always tell Paul that if he's really a Laker's fan he should be hoping that they get rid of Kobe because as long as Kobe is around the Lakers will never be a team.

    His selfish play and those cocky smug faces he makes...not to mention the fact that he is AT BEST an adulterer (which is bad enough) if not a rapist...is why I always cheer against Kobe and the Lakers. It drives Paul crazy because he has been a die-hard lakers fan since the 80's. But it does makes the Lakers' games we watch together more interesting. Anyway, GO SUNS!

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    Thursday, May 04, 2006


    It is way too early to be awake. Hopping on a train to visit Grace today though.
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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006


    So I guess the jury is in and Moussaoui is going to spend the rest of his life living off the American taxpayers. While I respect our jury system and am resigned to the fact that we have to accept their decision...I still disagree with them. In fact, I am deeply disappointed. The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is usually too over the top for me, but I do think he puts it best today when he writes:

    All over the world, terrorists let out a sigh of relief, knowing that you can go to America, conspire to murder 3,000 innocent civilians, and still live out your days in greater comfort and luxury than their caves could ever afford them.

    After Moussaoui’s active, proven participation in a conspiracy that resulted in the brutal mutilation, murder and dismemberment of 3,000 people who had done nothing wrong whatsoever, you bravely stood up and spat on their graves by giving to one of their murderers what they can never have:


    I think that Osama is in a cave somewhere laughing at us right now, pointing to this as more evidence of America as the "paper tiger." I've been listening to the talking heads and there seems to be a sort of general agreement amongst former prosecutors that the two verdicts (first that he was eligible for the death penalty, but then not to give it to him) do not make sense in light of each other. I am also disturbed by the fact that it sounds like they bought his lawyer's sob stories regarding his "rough" childhood and "abusive father" as part of the reason they chose to give him life instead of death. Boo-freaking-hoo.

    I think FoxNews' Kimberly Guilfoyle made an excellent point when she said that Moussaoui will have more than a lot of homeless American citizens (roof over his head, three square meals, a mattress, possibly cable TV and internet access?). To me this is just wrong. But, c'est la vie I guess. I also liked her comment about how his "sad" childhood shouldn't have been a factor in their decision because many of the victims of 9-11 probably had worse childhoods than he did and it's not an excuse not to be a man and do something positive with your life.

    As a Christian I know that I am supposed to forgive and turn the other cheek, but honestly, I hope the other prisoners at the supermax where Moussaoui lives out the rest of his life show him a good time in the showers EVERY day for the rest of his pathetic life.

    I have the utmost respect for the 9-11 families and the way those who were hoping for a death verdict are handling themselves right now. They are much stronger than I think I could be in their shoes.

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    it's playoff season yo!

    Although I'm much more of a football lovin' gal, I must admit, the NBA playoffs this year have been intense. Did anyone else catch the Suns whomping on the Lakers last night? It was so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes (no, not really). I have a newfound love for Raja Bell for a) clotheslining Kobe and b) owning up to what he did and admitting it was wrong and there was no excuse and apologizing to his team for it. Now that's a REAL man.

    I really hope the Heat wins the championship because I love Shaq (and despise Kobe for running him out of LA). If they don't win, then I'm hoping for the Cavs (go LeBron!), the Suns, the Clippers or the Nets (Vince Carter is hot). I also really like the Pistons because they're just so good as a team. That's what basketball is all about. I remember after Kobe scored 81 points, we were having dinner with Paul's parents and his mom was like "Who wants to see that? That's not a basketball game, that's the Kobe Bryant show." Paul's mom rocks =) And not just cause she's a conservative Republican who hates Hillary and loves Condi.

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    <3 michelle malkin

    Check out her latest vent.
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    if i ruled the world, i'd teach all the trolls to read

    Warning: This post contains some explicit language, consider yourself warned.

    So, I'm facing a dilemma y'all. I thought I made myself clear in this post that I will no longer be publishing rude anonymous comments. My whole thing is, if you think you have a big enough dick to write up a rude comment, you should really at least have the balls to own up to it. But, apparently, trolls don't have balls and don't know how to read (making it especially ironic when they accuse me of not being well-read), they only know how to type inane comments (complete with bad grammar and spelling).

    My dilemma is that this particular troll is so hilariously hypocritical that part of me wants to publish the post so that everyone else can get a good chuckle out of it. But I don't want to encourage him (I am assuming it is a guy) or any other trolls. So here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to publish for you all the best part of his comment so we can all ridicule the anonymous coward. If he would like to grow a pair and re-submit his comment with his name (and preferrably an email address) I will gladly publish his comment in its entirety.

    You live in a city filled with azns who are very bigoted, racist and extremely phoebic towards those who are darker than them. Consider who you date and why you date him.

    Oh, where to begin. So much fodder in just these two sentences. First of all, please crawl out from under whatever rock you've been hiding beneath. I live in Los Angeles. You know? One of THE most diverse cities on the planet. I love how in trying to accuse me of being a racist you reveal how racist YOU are by making a sweeping comment on "azns" (by the way, what the hell is an "azn" last time I checked I was asian). Don't presume to know the first thing about me - I bet you didn't know that before I found out that I wouldn't qualify medically I was planning on joining the Peace Corps and requesting to be sent to an African country. I'm not even going to bother telling you about all the wonderful black and Latino coworkers I've had over the last few years because you're obviously nothing but an ignorant jerk who's bitter because he can't get a date. Why else would you be advising me on my personal life? Are you upset because you think I won't date you? Here's a couple tips for you...1) I'm engaged and 2) I only date MEN, you know, people with testicles. Try growing a pair and maybe someone, somewhere will give you a chance.

    And that right there is the very last time I will acknowledge any troll posting anonymously.

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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    hello, again

    I'm going on my third week here in the Big Apple and I'm developing a really bad crick in my neck. I have yet to leave the hotel room today (other than grabbing breakfast) because honestly, I don't know where to go anymore. I'm not into the touristy stuff because I've been there and done that. Museums are too expensive nowadays so I'm holding out for Friday when some of them are free after a certain time. Too broke to shop anymore and I've done all the walking around this city that I can stand. But staying inside all day ends up feeling pretty nasty, for some reason even more so when it's a hotel room.

    Paul asked me last night if I could stay an extra week if his company asks him to stay but I don't think I can take it anymore. I miss my cat. I miss my bed. I miss...class? Yes, I actually miss going to class and feeling like I have somewhere to be and something to do. Here, I just kind of feel like a bum. Maybe I wouldn't be feeling so cranky if I could just get some sleep.

    I also think its really gross how when I blow my nose here after a day of being out, what comes out is kind of a grayish color. Yuck.

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    Okay people. I need help. I've been surfing the Big Love forums for way too long and am bursting with comments. But too lazy to register. I'd really like to take a nap because the insomnia last night sucked, but there is some kind of construction going on in the hotel room adjacent to mine and I can't sleep through the sound of a power drill going off every three seconds. Sigh. So instead, I will write a post about polygamy and other Big Love forum inspired topics.

    First of all, I am completely addicted to the show and am going nuts here in NYC where I am being deprived of HBO. Luckily, I have On-Demand at home and will be able to catch up on the two episodes I've missed once I get back to LA.

    Why am I so addicted? The only way I can explain it is that it's kind of like rubber-necking at the scene of a horrible accident. Also, I've developed a strong liking for the first wife Barb (played by Jeanne Triplehorn) and am really hoping that she will extricate herself from the polygamist lifestyle, which is clearly making her miserable.

    To me the show captures perfectly why polygamy is not popular in our society and never will be. It's really sad watching Bill trying to care for the needs of three wives, doing more than most men do for one wife, but still falling completely short because, well, THREE WIVES people! Paul's one and only comment about the show was, "How does he (Bill) still have that much hair?" Men may be under the impression that having three hot wives (although I don't find wife #2 attractive at all, and #3 looks like a teenager so it's kind of gross seeing her in bed with Bill Paxton) is a fantasy come true, but in reality you end up with three women demanding your time, money, affection and then you gotta take viagra to keep up and end up dizzy and in danger of suffering a heart attack.

    Then there are the women. There is so much jealousy and pain there that I just can't understand why they stay. Well, that's not exactly true, #2 grew up in a polygamous cult and so it is all she knows. #3 is just looking for family and love. But why Barb (#1) stays is beyond me. She is beautiful, intelligent, competent and grew up in the official Mormon church which is (at least officially) against polygamy. It's clear that sharing her husband causes her a great deal of pain (apparently in this week's episode, she breaks down crying and tells Bill that she feels as though she's been "robbed" of him). Relationships are hard enough without having to fight such a basic human instinct as jealousy every day of your life. And the fact that they all acknowledge that they must fight "temptation" (jealousy) only makes it that much more confusing to me.

    It seems pretty clear that polygamy, even when it is "ideal" as it certainly is in the situation of the main characters of Big Love, still brings a great deal of disharmony to the family unit. Even without all the sexual abuse, physical abuse, the oppression, etc. it still appears to slowly destroy everyone involved. We are no longer an agricultural society that requires a ton of children to work the fields. In order to succeed in this day and age, children need loving, nurturing parents who have the time to attend to their emotional needs as well as their physical ones (clothing, food, shelter). Bill's character can't even provide emotional support for his wives, nevermind his seven children. And again, they are probably the most idealized version of polygamists that exist (after all, he can afford three mortgages, whereas most real life polygamists are on welfare).

    Well, the drilling has ceased and the bed calls. Maybe more on Big Love later.

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    Monday, May 01, 2006

    apparently, life goes on

    If the immigration reform protests affected Manhattan, I certainly couldn't tell. The subways are still up and running, the stores are all still open and everyone appears to be going about their business as usual. I hear things are not quite so ho-hum in LA but luckily I am not in LA today.

    The only thing I did notice was an increased NYPD presence all over the city, but particularly in the subways. I'm not sure if this is directly related to the protests but I assume so?

    So how was your day without illegal immigrants? Mine was a sunny day in the city, complete with some fruits and veggies for breakfast/lunch, shopping, and I even got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded at a salon that I came across on my way back to the subway.

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    save andrea clark

    When I first read this story I kind of couldn't believe it. How can a hospital full of doctors who are supposed to save people's lives, choose to murder an innocent woman? I tried to post on this yesterday but I just didn't know what to say. And I kind of still don't, but it's a fact that time is running out for Andrea Clark.

    What shocks me the most is that this case is completely unambiguous. There is no question at all of what Andrea Clark wants. She wants to live. And if the doctor's at St. Luke's hadn't medicated her into a coma, she would be able to express this to them now as she did before they drugged her into a state of unconsciousness. How can they possibly argue that the right thing to do is to give up hope on a woman that wants to fight for her life?

    Please contact St. Luke's and let them know (politely) what you think of this situation. I called them this morning and was transferred to their media relations department where I left them a message (they are apparently too pussy to pick up their phone), so don't be surprised if you are transferred to a voicemailbox as well.

    One last thing...looking back on the Schiavo case, is it really so surprising that we ended up here? When you begin to devalue life...the lines get blurred. Sigh.

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