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Thursday, April 28, 2005

updates coming soon

I haven't had a computer at work this past week because I'm "training" (aka sitting around watching the girl I'm supposed to replace do the real work). But next week I'll have my own office and no one looking over my shoulder so expect lots of random babbling! I miss the days when I could ditch class 3 days in a row and work on a new layout. And the days when I had a new layout every month or so. I'm bored of this one but I don't have time to do change it.

I got an email from my sister today and apparently little Cayla isn't doing so well but she is holding on. If you pray, please keep her in your prayers. I think my cousin told me awhile back she has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis so I feel a certain kinship with her...It sucks that she's so little and she has to struggle through such a painful and strange disease. And the nurses give me a funny look when I go to see my doc's.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Urgent Request

I stole this off my sister's xanga:

I'm writing this email on behalf of Pastor David. As
many of you have heard, Pastor David's niece Cayla Kim
is in critical condition. She was admitted to the ICU
yesterday for a collapsed lung. Since then she has
been fighting for her life. By God's grace and your
prayers her condition has stabilized a bit and she
woke up from her unconscious state this morning.

Right now doctors say she has lost a lot of blood.
And therefore Pastor David and Cayla's family are
asking for our help in donating blood.

The two blood types that will work are A+ and O-.

If any of you are those types please go and donate
blood anytime today at the Children's Hospital at...

4650 Sunset Blvd., L.A. CA 90027

Please continue to pray for Cayla and her family as
well. And fwd this email to anyone who you know can
donate blood.


If you are giving blood, this is the info you need:

Blood bank open from 8:30-1:30, 2-4:30
Cayla Kim
DOB 12-20-01

I figure this would be the best way of asking people for help since I don't get to chat on AIM so much anymore. If you are a match and willing to, please donate! Please keep Cayla and Pastor David's family in your prayers =\

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

save me!

I'm so bored right now. One thing that was nice about my old job is that I always had several different kinds of projects to work on so if I got sick of one I could just move onto another. So far here I've got one huge, mammoth project that consists of doing the exact same thing (only I'm communicating with different banks, buildings & property managers) all day long. I can't take it anymore today! I want to go home but I have another 54 minutes to be exact.

I almost got into it with a coworker this morning over the war but I decided to quash it quickly by changing the subject because I could tell he's one of those who doesn't really know what he's talking about but has a really strong opinion that he won't back down from no matter what kind of facts you give him. Wasn't in the mood for that. Maybe one day when I'm really bored and feel like doing the equivalent of banging my head against a brick wall. I may actually be at that point soon. And no it wasn't the John Kerry fundraising campaign guy, I have a feeling that guy may actually be fun to debate with sometime because he probably knows his stuff. But he moved to one of our hotels downtown so I probably won't get to talk to him about that anytime soon. We did trade some interesting stories about psycho bosses on these political campaigns though.

This weekend Paul and I went to go look at apartments, we found one that was absolutely amazing but so expensive! It has its own health spa, gym, pool, concierge service, in-unit washer and dryer and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, including a stainless steel fridge! (I despise my current fridge, not just dislike or even hate, but despise). We're really praying Paul gets offered a job at TCW when he graduates in which case we would actually be able to afford this place. It's pricey but not only does it have all those conveniences I just mentioned, it's the most ideal location for me because there are markets galore and shopping within 5 minutes walking distance. I'd only have to drive to work and church! I get excited just thinking about it, so hopefully everything works out or no place is going to live up to this one.

Okay, so now what do I do with the remaining 42 minutes?

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Friday, April 15, 2005

short and sweet

Well, it's the official end of my first week at my new job. So far, it definitely seems better than my last one but for some reason no one seems that happy here so I'm not holding my breath. I'm still in a "wait and see" state of mind which is probably for the best for now. The people are all really cool though and at least I'm making more than I was before, but then I guess I have pretty low expectations.

I've been hesitant to blog much at work because it's a new job and all but I'll probably get over that pretty quickly, especially on the days where I don't have much to do.

I'm working with a guy who worked on the Kerry campaign fundraising staff. Ironic, n'est pas? =)

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Friday, April 08, 2005

under the weather

I've been nursing a cold of some sort all week and it sucks. Sinus congestion and headaches *ouch* Now I have to go up to the Bay Area where I hear it's raining booo. On a brighter note I should be getting a nice big fat tax return check soon =) Good thing too because I will need it to pay off my credit card bill due to all the shopping I've been doing lately >< Hey, I'm just trying to do my part for the economy =P

Dear God, Please help me get rid of this cold before I start my new job on Monday!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

picture time!

My honey just back from a hard day of work...Damn he looks good in a suit =)

And my fat little Tazzie, she's pear-shaped.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

as usual

Ann Coulter just has a way with words, doesn't she? I guess that's why she makes the big bucks and I just post links to her articles =)
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live from riverside

So here I am in the library at UC Riverside. Paul and I are going to Cabazon later today so I can do some more shopping in preparation for my new job =) Of course I already bought myself this dress as a "I quit my job!" present to myself so my credit card bill next month is going to be painful.

On Friday night I went out with my (ex)co-workers for drinks at Ma'Kai in Santa Monica and had five martinis (not a good idea considering the medication I am on). I spent Saturday in the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life and had to worship the porcelain God a couple times. I did not recover until midnight Saturday and I'm convinced I won't ever drink again. As such I didn't find out about Pope John Paul II's passing until around 11 p.m. when I started to regain control of my senses. Over the last few days I've learned a lot about him and I must say he was quite an impressive man. I'm glad for him that he's now with God in a much better place. I don't really know what else to say about that since I'm not Catholic and I can't really say he affected my life in a very personal way. But it does seem as though God placed him in his position and that he had a hand in changing the world for the better.

On Sunday I got to watch Paul play in our church's 3 on 3 tournament. They didn't win unfortunately but he looked darn good out there on the court =)

I've actually been getting somewhere in Ten Things You Can't Say in America by Larry Elder and have much to comment on but for some reason I don't really feel like it at the moment. Maybe because I vented so much to Paul already. On the way out to Riverside we listened to McIntyre in the morning and we were both amused/horrified to hear about how teachers are now using purple ink to grade papers because apparently they think little kids can't handle the negativity associated with red ink. I don't care what they say, an F SHOULD be written in BRIGHT red ink because if you get an F you darn well better feel bad about yourself. This must have something to do with the lefty-hatred for testing, SAT scores and anything else that can show idiots who don't study that they are idiots that need to study and try harder. Blah. Okay I'm gonna go catch up on reading the news now.

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