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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

life (or something like it)

I think when I read too many articles in one sitting I get overloaded and am consequently unable to write anything about anything (political).

So instead I'm going to blather on about my life for a bit...Actually there is very little to say...things with Paul are sailing on smoothly, I never thought I could find someone who matches me so perfectly in almost every way. I thought I was happy before but after really analyzing the relationships I've realized that I was always just settling. Settling for being somewhat happy because it never even occured to me that I could be all-the-way happy. But that's not something I'm going to worry about anymore =)

Let's see...speaking of my hunny, Comerica has been calling him pretty relentlessly and they even set up his internship interview on Saturday because he has class Monday through Friday. So it sounds like they really want him, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway because when he does get it I'll get to see him around 3 more days a week then I do right now =)

Taz seems to finally be losing the pouch of fat that hangs from her tummy. She was being really bitchy about the diet at first but I think she's gotten used to her bowl being empty most of the time now.

Other than that absolutely nothing is new. Work is slow cause the elections are over, although I have a feeling this is just a short breather until we start gearing up for 2006.

Okay, I won't bore you anymore =) There really are a lot of comments I want to make about a number of things but I'm (obviously) not feeling very articulate right now, so again it will have to wait.

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