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Friday, November 12, 2004

oh yeah

I also found www.helpthemleave.com, which I think is an excellent idea. All those liberals who keep talking about moving to Canada or Europe can get a move on now! I'm still disappointed about Alec Baldwin's continuing presence in the US, he promised us he was moving if Bush won in 2000 *pout*

Larry of wrightclick.com has a more articulate post related to the same subject matter...

Also, on Wednesday night I went out with some of Paul's pledge bros and somehow got into a political discussion (that I really did not want to have). His pledge bro J would not leave me alone and insisted on using brilliant arguments like "Bush is dumb, you're brainwashed." I ignored him for as long as I could, knowing that there was no point in arguing with someone who uses those sorts of arguments, until finally I said two things: 1) It's pretty condescending of you to label entire geographical regions of the United States as "dumb" based on the one thing you know about them: who they voted for, and 2) Say what you want because in the end we took the White House, the House, the Senate and we've got three Supreme Court Justices coming our way. What's left to say?

That shut him up for about three minutes, and then he went back to calling me names and assuming I hate gay people. The most annoying part was when he said to me "Are you religious?" To which, my first reaction was "Yes" even though I haven't attended church regularly in about six years, I curse when I feel like it, I support civil unions and "choice" during the first trimester of pregnancy...Anyway, I wanted to punch him in his smug little face when he gave me this "oh, so you're one of those religious nuts, no wonder" look. Even though he seemed like a nice enough guy once we were off the topic of politics, he landed himself on my shit-list for that look. Talk about condescending. Hmph.

Found this excellent article called Those liberal geniuses through Small Town Veteran. I don't see why liberals can't get it through their heads that they'll never win if they continue to write huge portions of the electorate off as "dumb" instead of trying to figure out the real reasons they were rejected by Middle America.

When all the post-election furor finally dies down, maybe some of those liberal geniuses will figure out that the Republican victory is attributable, in great measure, to the colossal arrogance of them and their kind. Those liberal geniuses tried to cram something rotten down the throats of the American people and got the whole smelly lump regurgitated right back in their laps. So, will any of those liberal geniuses learn anything from this embarrassing political disgorgement?
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