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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


John Hawkins post regarding the reaction from the left (and the fact that I am extremely bored and all alone in the office this afternoon) got me surfing the net for lefty posts and comments about the election results. What seems to tbe the trend? They seem very persistent in calling Americans who voted to re-elect the President "dumb" "hillbillies" "rednecks" and a whole slew of other condescending names. And yet they still sit there scratching their heads, wondering how they lost this election. It seems to me if you brand a large percentage of the electorate as dumb hillbilly rednecks, you can't exactly expect them to vote for you now can you?

I was having this discussion with a Democrat friend of mine this morning, he claimed that in fact the people from the red states definitely are rednecks because he's "been there." Well, I too have been "there" and I have relatives who live in "fly-over country" and guess what? They're just as smart and thoughtful and intelligent as we are here in California. One of my "hillbilly redneck" uncles from Ohio has been a country doctor (obgyn) for most of his adult life and has even set up a free clinic for those without health insurance. My cousin Darwin, who grew up in Tennesse and settled in Ohio where he went to college (yes he actually went to college, incredible isn't it for one of those hillbilly rednecks), is a pharmacist and is now back in school getting his masters in psychology. Oh yeah, and he voted for Bush.

It really pisses me off that the left can be so condescending simply because a majority of Americans told them to kiss off. Not only did we re-elect the President by a larger margin than even Clinton managed to rack up against Dole in 1996 (and with the largest voter turnout since the 60's...which supposedly would favor the Demos), we solidified our position in both the House and the Senate. And, then of course there is the icing on the cake: Daschle's loss to Thune in SD. It seems to me that America has spoken loud and clear and it isn't what the lefties of this nation wanted to hear. What is so wrong with Americans wanting their leader to have strong moral convinctions? To believe in right and wrong and to lead with those values in mind? As much as the left wants to pretend there are no absolute rights and wrongs, we all know in our heart of hearts that is not true.

And as for those claiming it was only the "scare tactics" of Republicans that propelled the President to victory...who was it out there claiming that if President Bush were re-elected there would be a draft? Who was out there telling senior citizens President Bush would take away their social security checks and there would be a "surprise" privatization of Social Security (some surprise considering President Bush layed out his plan for SS various times during the campaign)...was it Republican or Democratic headquarters that were vandalized, robbed and shot at?

I just thought it was really interesting that the party of love and peace and unity and respect immediately takes to calling those who have voted them out of power all these really insulting names. You lost. Deal with it. Think about why you lost in terms of YOU not who you can blame for the loss. The Republican Party has moved more and more towards the mainstream - which is why we're taking more and more senate and congressional seats. Most of the people I know who voted for Bush may think abortion is wrong but at the same time they don't believe the government necessarily has the right to interfere at all stages of pregnancy. Similarly while many (not all) are against gay marriage, very few are against giving homosexuals equal rights through civil unions. Not that I want to see Democrats in power, but here's a little tip if you want to start winning back some seats...stop pushing far-left-wing agendas. Stop idolizing propaganda spewing machines like Michael Moore. Start thinking about American values and American public opinion instead of what the French want us to do.

Obviously you on the left are doing something wrong (unless you really want to persist with this "well we can't do anything else because Americans are just dumb" line of thinking). Unless you want to just give up and move to Canada or Europe (which seems to be a popular idea on the lefty blogs/comments sections). But you know if that's what you really want, who am I to stop you? Heheh...

Yay, I've successfully killed an hour. Twenty minutes to go.

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