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Friday, November 12, 2004

ugh, the new york times

The New York Times has never really been my newspaper of record, but the more I read, especially the op-ed page, the more disgusted I generally am. Take this lovely article (requires a free subscription) by their boy Friedman. The gist of it is that Iraq is obviously in chaos because we're still fighting insurgents there (i.e. Fallujah) and then he asks six questions about what needs to occur in Iraq before we can claim victory.

All I really have to say in response is that while he raises issues that definitely do need to be addressed, he also forgets that Nazi Germany was not pacified the day the Allies set foot in Berlin. For a decade after the war was "won" there were still attacks carried out in Europe by leftover Nazi "insurgents." It has been about two and a half years since our troops first set foot in Iraq. If the liberals of today were reporting about the reconstruction efforts in Europe would they have said then what they're saying today?

And then, of course, there's Maureen Dowd who has gone completely off the deep end since the President Bush was re-elected.

Then there's this article, which I'm glad our troops out there at the frontlines in Fallujah can't read. I swear, it's like the loony liberal media has completely forgotten about the fact that we are currently fighting a war. Our troops are, right at this very moment, sacrificing so much and in some cases their lives, for their country and for freedom.

And then you get assholes like this Fred Kaplan character basically saying their mission in Fallujah is nothing more than a "shot in the dark," that it is essentially meaningless. So what makes this glorified reporter, a qualified military analyst? Why does he know better than our commanders and our troops? It's so obvious to this brilliant journalist that Fallujah is useless, so why has that same conclusion escaped our military men and women, who are by the way the best at what they do?

Thank God for the new media. That's all I have to say.

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