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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

save me!

I'm so bored right now. One thing that was nice about my old job is that I always had several different kinds of projects to work on so if I got sick of one I could just move onto another. So far here I've got one huge, mammoth project that consists of doing the exact same thing (only I'm communicating with different banks, buildings & property managers) all day long. I can't take it anymore today! I want to go home but I have another 54 minutes to be exact.

I almost got into it with a coworker this morning over the war but I decided to quash it quickly by changing the subject because I could tell he's one of those who doesn't really know what he's talking about but has a really strong opinion that he won't back down from no matter what kind of facts you give him. Wasn't in the mood for that. Maybe one day when I'm really bored and feel like doing the equivalent of banging my head against a brick wall. I may actually be at that point soon. And no it wasn't the John Kerry fundraising campaign guy, I have a feeling that guy may actually be fun to debate with sometime because he probably knows his stuff. But he moved to one of our hotels downtown so I probably won't get to talk to him about that anytime soon. We did trade some interesting stories about psycho bosses on these political campaigns though.

This weekend Paul and I went to go look at apartments, we found one that was absolutely amazing but so expensive! It has its own health spa, gym, pool, concierge service, in-unit washer and dryer and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, including a stainless steel fridge! (I despise my current fridge, not just dislike or even hate, but despise). We're really praying Paul gets offered a job at TCW when he graduates in which case we would actually be able to afford this place. It's pricey but not only does it have all those conveniences I just mentioned, it's the most ideal location for me because there are markets galore and shopping within 5 minutes walking distance. I'd only have to drive to work and church! I get excited just thinking about it, so hopefully everything works out or no place is going to live up to this one.

Okay, so now what do I do with the remaining 42 minutes?

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