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Friday, September 23, 2005

if you don't want to hear about my uti - don't read this post

The funny thing about this UTI is that I'm not having the usual, um, bathroom-related issues that normally come along with having one. I had one four years ago and I distinctly remember the constant need to urinate, the never being able to when I was actually sitting on the toilet and, of course, the sitting on the toilet for unusual amounts of time trying my damndest to squeeze out ONE LITTLE DROP.

This time? There is none of that. I don't constantly feel like I have to go - I do have some stomach pains but that's about it. Apparently that could be a sign the infection is attacking my kidneys. Oh my poor kidneys, getting attacked left and right. I really need to help them out somehow. Come on antibiotics!

What is with all the flooding? First the tsunami, then Katrina, now Rita...it's like God is flooding the world again...

I took a good look at the geographical map of New Orleans today and discovered that, yes, indeed, it is a bowl! Surrounded by water. (I know, I'm slow, but I just took everyone else at their word when they said it was bowl shaped). And from what I hear, it's flooding again today even before Rita has hit.

I don't think the question is "Should we rebuild New Orleans?" its "Who still wants to live in New Orleans which has now flooded twice in less than a month?" I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but me? If I had just barely escaped a city that was under 12 feet of water? And then it flooded again, just as it was starting to dry off? I wouldn't go back. What would there be to go back to anyway? And what should the people of New Orleans do in the meantime? During the years and years it's going to take to first rebuild the levees up to the necessary standard (and even then, nature can ALWAYS find a way if she really wants to, especially when we're talking about a city that is literally bowl-shaped) and then rebuild the homes and the business? Kids are enrolling in schools and people will settle down, most likely, wherever they currently are. Because it just makes sense.

Finally, before I go lie down on the couch because my stomach is really starting to hurt (maybe from the antibiotics? I hope?), thanks Lisa and Stu for responding...everyone I've asked seems to agree with you so that is probably what I will do on Monday...

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