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Monday, September 05, 2005

let's roll

Okay, okay, so at first I was all like, "C'mon Republicans let's rise above the fray and be bigger people and just HELP instead of responding to all the whining and complaining from those useless smelly hippies."

Now? After a couple days of actually watching all the coverage and reading all the bloggers and the "news" pieces ("news" meaning the drivel spewn forth by blatantly biased "journalists"/liberals)?

I'm ready to throw down.

Seriously. I'm so sick of the blame Bush crowd continuously ignoring the fact that in times of emergency the LOCAL governments undoubtedly need to step up and take care of their people. When did it become so that the ONLY elected official required to take any sort of action during a time of crisis is the President? Are mayors and governors and other elected state and local officials just there for decoration? Did we hold elections for those positions just because we here in America love voting so much that we thought we'd put totally useless, incompetent people into office who have no ability to help us get through disasters?

Someone might want to clue Jeb in, down there in Florida, HE'S not supposed to do a thing next time a hurricane hits. Just wait and whine and screech and howl while your citizens drown and loot and murder and rape each other. ONLY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ANY RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS AMERICAN CITIZENS.

[sarcasm]I mean, obviously, the federal government should have emergency buses ready to go in every single jurisdiction in the United States, because you know that's what the federal government is totally there for. To hold the hand of every incompetent f*cktard mayor who doesn't realize that CITIES HAVE BUSES. EVEN POOR CITIES LIKE NEW ORLEANS.[/sarcasm]

So? That one guy? Who was screaming about, "Where are the buses?" They are still safely in their puddle, I mean parking lot, where the loser mayor of New Orleans let them sit as his city turned into a giant septic tank. Sure, he could have used them to evacuate the sick and the elderly and otherwise immobile, but screaching about how President Bush sucks is just so much more fun and WAY more productive, you know.

Okay, I'm all raged out for now. It seriously sucks that in times like these, all those liberals have turned this into a giant political circus. We have more important things to focus on. Like all those people who need help and money and shelter and clothes and counseling and medical care. After 9-11 we came together and proved that we were the greatest nation on the planet. We came together not as liberals or conservatives but as Americans.

I mean sure, liberals started the whole Blame Bush movement regarding 9-11 (*cough*Farenheit 9-11*cough*) but it wasn't for quite awhile afterwards. This time, they didn't even wait for the hurricane to dissipate before they launched into how this is "all President Bush's fault" (said in the whiniest possible voice you can imagine).

So anyway, I'm over the whole "let's not respond to their childishness" thing because, this idiocy needs to be responded to. People who say such blatantly stupid, political, unhelpful, uneducated (*cough*KanyeWest*cough*) need to be put in their places. Those people are trying to take an American tragedy and turn it into a giant rift between the American people. Well, kids, it's not gonna happen. We are stronger than you and Americans will pull together despite all your pathetic attempts to politicize and blame.

One more thing: Please be angry and throw blame at those SUB-HUMAN, VILE, DISGUSTING, WORTHLESS PIECES OF DOG EXCREMENT who took advantage of the chaos by raping, looting and murdering. If I need to explain to you that it is not President Bush's fault that these criminals took it upon themselves to hurt those around them, as well as those trying to save them, then you are beyond all help and reason and should really go find yourself a CLUE.

Okay. I'm really done now. For now.

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