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Saturday, September 03, 2005

more on katrina

I didn't really want to talk about the political aspect of Katrina mostly because I have been almost totally oblivious to everything that happened this week. But lately I've been reading a lot of generally non-political blogs of people who are left-of-center and they seem to all have decided to take shots at the Bush Administration during this time of crisis.

I get that people are pissed off and horrified at the mayhem and destruction and general disaster in the wake of the hurricane. I feel it too, I do.

In fact, it really irritated me how Hannity was so defensive about bringing up all the aid that finally started to go into New Orleans yesterday, especially when it was obvious there was much more to be done. Yes, the liberal media is going to skew this as much as possible and try to blame Bush for Mother Nature attacking New Orleans, a city with a large black population. But what good will be doing defensive do? The truth, at the time (yesterday), was that people in the convention center were suffering and dying and generally not being helped. None of the reporters were insinuating it was the Bush Admin's fault, but Hannity's defensiveness gave the impression that they were.

I'm not saying we can't defend against obvious politicization of Katrina by the left, but other than that let's just do what Republicans do best...take care of the problem and take care of the needy and ignore the moonbats who like to complain but don't seem to realize complaining doesn't solve problems.

Over at RightWingNews John Hawkins says it best,

"Despite many complaints, I don't think the Feds have been slow to help at all. The reason that perception is there is because the government of New Orleans has been so tragically useless. Anywhere else, the city government would have been competent enough to hold things together at least for a little while, whereas the local government in New Orleans collapsed from the getgo."

Also, to put things into perspective for those complaining about the slowness and incompetence of the Bush Administration, and how dare they not reinforce the levy even though Clinton was in office for 8 years and never reinforced the levy, but hey hurricanes weren't a threat to New Orleans until Bush stepped into office so why would Clinton have needed to reinforce the levy anyway right...um...anyway, yeah...here's quote for those of you that need a little perspective:

"The New York Times has called the military response “a costly game of catch up.” Catching up compared to what, one wonders. National Guard units were mobilized immediately; 7,500 troops from four states were on the ground within 24 hours of Katrina — a commendable response given the disruptions to the transportation infrastructure. The DOD response is well ahead of the 1992 Hurricane Andrew timetable. Back then, the support request took nine days to crawl through the bureaucracy. The reaction this time was less than three days officially, and DOD had been pre-staging assets in anticipation of the aid request from the moment Katrina hit. DOD cannot act independently of course; the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the lead agency. Requests for assistance have to be routed from local officials through FEMA to U.S. Northern Command and then to the necessary components. In practice, this means state officials have to assess damage and determine relief requirements; FEMA has to come up with a plan for integrating the military into the overall effort; DOD has to begin to pack and move the appropriate materiel, and deploy sufficient forces. This has all largely been or is being accomplished. Seven thousand mostly Navy and other specialized assets are currently in the area directly supporting hurricane relief, and a much larger number of other forces are en route. The process has been functioning remarkably smoothly under the circumstances.

It is hard to understand what more should, or realistically could have been done up to this point. A disaster of this magnitude is certain to be politicized, but it seems early in the game to be assessing blame for a response effort that has only been underway a few days in a crisis that is still developing; particularly such a rapid response." - James Robbins

And that's all I have to say about that. I wish we could keep politics out of something as tragic as this. But hey, nothing surprises me anymore...not after the slaps in the face America recieved after the generosity shown towards tsunami victims. That's why I say we Republicans should just keep on keepin' on...keep on donating, keep on doing what you can to help and keep on praying for all those affected...

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