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Saturday, September 10, 2005

obladee oblada (life goes on)

Oy. I've been buried under like eight gillion pounds of work this week. I have 113 unread emails (mostly junk mehtinks). BUT I have four flow cytometer operaters who are considering the position and getting back to me on Monday! WOOT! Go me!

Paul went to the dentist for an emergency visit on Wednesday (aka his FIRST EVER trip to the dentist in his 24 years on the planet) and found out that one of his molars is so badly decayed that if he doesn't get a root canal, like, YESTERDAY then they will have to pull it out and he will be without one molar for the rest of his life. Also, he has many other cavities that need fillings and one of his wisdom teeth is gonna need pulling.

All said and done? He needs SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of work >< Of course, we do suspect that the dentist we found is gouging us so we're trying to get a dentist from our church to take a look asap.

The other big problem with all of this is that he has no dental insurance. Until he starts his new job on Monday. But it's not like he can start his job and then take a day off to go get all the work done so we're in the market for a good dentist, in the Los Angeles area, who takes Blue Cross and works weekends. Anyone?

Meanwhile Paul is on lots of ibuprofen (luckily we have stores and stores of this from my arthritis pain days) and we went out and bought a bottle of caffeine free diet coke which is supposedly a "home remedy" for tooth pain. He will probably be trying that out at some point today.

Also this week, I found out that my cousin is engaged and am very jealous. Here I am living in sin with my bf and still no engagement ring. Sigh. Although, I know with everything that's going on (like the $6k his tooth is going to cost) a ring will have to wait.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my rheumatologist (who is awesome) and he was running late as usual but it was totally fine because there was this sweet old Filipino couple waiting with me in the lobby. The woman was soo talkative and clearly curious as to why I was there since most of his patients are older (like geriatric). Anyway I talked to her about my condition and she talked to me about a ton of stuff like her house and her garden and how she was a freelance jewelry designer for Neiman and Bloomies. I gave her my card and she said she'd call me and I could go over to her place and she'd teach me to make my own jewelry. I am very excited about this even though I've never really made friends and "hung out" with someone three times my age. But we did have a lot to talk about so if she does call I am definitely down to chill with her. Also, it sounds like she has a rockin' house in a great location. Maybe she will let me get married in her backyard. She said BRAVO paid her like two thousand bucks to use her backyard in one of their films.

So that's what's been going on with me. I am all politick-ed out for now. Politics really suck a lot of you. Especially when you're a red girl in a blue city/state.

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