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Friday, September 02, 2005

they are all in my prayers

This is how busy I've been: I am just RIGHT NOW figuring out how bad Katrina + aftermath is.

Yeah I'd heard bits and pieces. Noticed a lot of people commenting on their blogs. But I've been feeling pretty sick this week and so incredibly busy with work that I haven't touched a newspaper, watched the news, or so much as clicked onto cnn.com.

I came home early today because of the long weekend and I'm watching FoxNews and I'm...flabbergasted. I know this is selfish but I'm almost glad I was so oblivious to the extent of this because it was hard enough to keep myself together this week and I tend to get all emotional and stuff when I am paying attention to things like 9-11, the tsunami and these crazy floods and people dying and seriously...what's with the chaos?

I have never seen every single FoxNews correspondent angry before. At the same time. In fact the only one prone to emotional outbursts is Geraldo and he has gone COMPLETELY nuts. The other correspondents are just obviously pissed off at how they're watching people die right in front of their eyes. Even the war correspondents who were pretty calm and collected during their Iraq war coverage are getting angry on camera. I'm thinking it's because you kind of go to war expecting to see people die. You don't expect to watch people die before your eyes, be raped and murdered and just slowly die in general right before your eyes in America.

Sigh. My company is doing a disaster donation matching thing so I am definitely planning on taking advantage of that. My company totally rocks, they sent out an email today saying they want our donations to make a huge impact.

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