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Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm really worried about Rick Leventhal. I've been watching the hurricane coverage and it looks like it's just starting to hit hard...Rick Leventhal is on a roof and he looks like he will be blown away. Also, his ears are totally exposed to the wind and rain and he looks completely soaked. He is going to be so sick after this, if he doesn't get blown off the roof first.

Seriously Rick, we don't need YOU to physically be outside in the hurricane. On a roof. Just peek the camera out. Thanks. I've grown quite used to you and I don't want to see you go flying off the roof on live television.

Now I can't sleep. Why are people out in that weather? Go inside people! It's windy! There's a hurricane! A roof is not a good place to be in that situation. Just thought I would point that out to you.

As you can see this is really bothering me. Paul and I were lying in bed and I kept poking him and saying "WHY IS HE OUTSIDE? HE'S GOING TO GET SICK! HONEY! WHY IS RICK LEVENTHAL STILL OUTSIDE? HE'S GOING TO BLOW AWAY!"

What does Paul have to say about all this? Nothing. He fell asleep. Which is why I came to blog about it. Because seriously, I WANT RICK LEVENTHAL TO GO INSIDE. And why did those other random guys go up on the roof to "see what it was like?" Does this make sense to anyone? Go inside people! INSIDE!

wingless was still breathing at 11:15 PM -

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