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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

can you tell me how to get?

Vegas was happily, and surprisingly, relaxing for once. We didn't end up leaving until almost 8:30am but made pretty good time and were at Primm before noon. Spent way too much at the BR outlet store there and then headed for the house in North Vegas.

The house? Is a bit of a journey away from the strip. But it was very nice and comfortable and the weather was surprisingly beautiful all weekend long. Mid 80's and breezy. After dropping off our stuff and changing we headed back toward the strip. We went to Wynn to get tickets for Avenue Q and then ended up catching the end of the champagne brunch. Meaning, we got to stay for dinner =) Alaskan king crab legs!

And I was good and drunk for the show, which only made it all the better.

When we came out of the show I learned that UCLA beat Cal! Which was made all the sweeter by the fact that I had put twenty bucks on my Bruins before brunch. I was debating whether or not I should put money on Cal so that I'd be happy either way, but then I decided I should have some faith in my team and it paid off (for once).

Anyway we were supposed to hang out while Paul's friends had dinner, and then eventually meet back up with them but we got sleepy and ended up heading back to the house around 9:30pm. In bed by 10:30pm. And then we slept for twelve hours.

Actually I woke up around 6ish, dehydrated and feeling hung over. But eventually I went back to sleep and woke up with a sinus headache. We got up, cleaned up the house a bit and locked up. Stopped by the outlet mall on our way back down to the strip where we had the Bellagio brunch (no champagne) and then went to Aladdin for some special Swiss chocolates (and H20 products for me). After that headed home and once again I was in bed at a decent hour.

Surprisingly tame for Vegas huh? But that's how I like it.

wingless was still breathing at 7:09 PM -

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