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Thursday, October 06, 2005

fraternities are just a socially acceptable expression of homo-erotic tendencies

Paul and I are going to Vegas this weekend - and other than the one time when I was 11 (or was it 9? What year did Paul Abdul come out with Rush Rush?) and my parents decided to drive my sister and I to Sin City on a whim, towards the end of what was supposed to be a one day excursion to a nearby national monument (my parents are spontaneous like that) - this is my first time going without Paul's parents.

I bet most people would think, Wow that's great! You guys get to spend some time in Vegas on your own for once!

Well, they'd be wrong. Paul's parents are always nice enough to get us our very own suite at the Venetian and usually we get some food comped as well. Other than seeing them at dinner time (which is always something delicious and lavish) they like to do their own thing and gamble.

This time? Well, luckily I have an uncle with an extra house in North Vegas and he is nice enough to let the family reserve it for weekends. So we're going to be about thirty miles away from the strip and there shall be no delicious comp-ed meals and no lounging about in a luxurious suite and watching Paul through the glass-shower door.

And to top it all of, I'm going to be there with a bunch of not-in-college-anymore-but-we're-still-frat-boys. Wish me luck. I hope I remember to bring my camera.

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