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Sunday, October 16, 2005

God is good.

Today Paul accepted Christ Jesus as his lord and savior. And for quite a few minutes I was totally unaware as the church leadership enveloped him with prayers and congratulations. I was like, "Huh? What's going on? Why's everyone talking to Paul?"

See at the end of every sermon, Pastor Dave asks, during the prayer, if anyone wants to start a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time, and if so to raise their hands while all eyes are closed. I admit it. Sometimes? I peak. Usually I just sneak a quick glance over at Paul while I'm praying that God is doing His work on him.

Recently, though, I haven't been looking and I'm not really sure why. It's not like I'm concentrating any harder but I guess I got a little bit disappointed looking over time after time and not seeing any movement. So I decided, hey, it'll happen when it happens and it's not like I won't find out about it. The pastor has been coming up to him after sermon on Sunday's and telling him, "You're close, I can see it in you," so I knew that if it did ever happen the pastor was sure to call some attention to it afterwards by praying with him or something of the sort.

Anyway, today right after the sermon ended, I was completely oblivious that something miraculous had just occurred and was chatting away with my cousin Mindy when our small group leader, Perry, came up to Paul and shook his hand. Perry had this weird smile on his face. I was asking him some random questions and I noticed he didn't really seem to be trying to talk to me, but Paul, so I let the two of them have their own convo while I wandered away towards my sister. However, as I was walking off I heard Perry say, "So I heard that you, uh, accepted Christ today?"

I paused.

Did Paul just NOD??

I went up to the front where my sister was and told her the good news. When we turned around there was a group of people in a circle around Paul. An assistant pastor, my cousin Eric, Perry, Pastor Dave and maybe a couple of other guys. My sister told me to go over but it looked like a male bonding moment so I just let it be.

Apparently EVERYONE else opened their eyes and knew it was Paul before I did. My sister said she knew one of them was Paul when Pastor announced that three people had come to Christ. I wish I had, had that sort of faith. My cousin's Eric and Jeffrey both said they looked. Eric said he knew even before church today that today would be the day. Apparently we have all been praying the same thing.

I really love how loving my family is and how they have totally taken in Paul as one of their own. I love my church. I am so blessed. And praise God!

wingless was still breathing at 4:26 PM -

I am really so happy for Paul, for both of you. =)

Wish him well on those exciting first steps.

I've really seen this church change lives, um, a guy I dated...for one. =)

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