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Saturday, October 29, 2005


I just noticed that John Hawkins linked me! This has happened, I believe, twice in the history of transcended.net and each time thereafter followed a huge influx of hits and readers that I was completely unprepared for. And then the embarrassment of having nothing remotely witty or related to politics on my front page. I don't feel worthy ><

Anyway, I might as well talk about something kinda-sorta related to politics (but actually mainly about my life). Today? I officially became unemployed. But I am surprisingly okay about it. The truth is I saw it coming, I knew I wasn't sales material maybe since the day I started. And they told me that was their main concern when they hired me. I guess there was just no way for me to prove myself as a sales person when I HATE being pushy and aggressive, especially when it comes to something like people's jobs.

It's also something I've been praying on a lot recently because I have been having ethical/emotional difficulties dealing with certain aspects of the job. I felt like maybe God was pushing me in another direction but wasn't too sure. I guess this was my clear answer.

So how does this remotely have anything to do with politics? Because I've decided I will be applying for a master's degree program and hopefully starting next fall. What will I be studying? Why political science of course! I know it's going to be a rough road what with all the liberals in academia but hey I got kind of used to it at UCLA and I almost miss arguing with those crazy moonbats on campus. This was the first job that really took me away from reading/writing about politics and I really, really missed it. I mean, I was so out of it I didn't even realize Hurricane Katrina was a "big deal" until WAY after everyone else in the country (I feel I could insert a rather obvious joke here but I won't).

So yes, I'll be a broke student yet again, but I'm kind of used to it and I'm not exactly high maintenance...I am quite happy in a college sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants.

One last thing, even though I do feel that what happened is most likely all for the best considering my long term goals and my personality...it's still really freaking embarrassing. I've NEVER not been good at a job before and it really bugs me. But I'll get over it.

Also, again, if anyone is in the Chatsworth, CA area and wants to take their kids to the best harvest festival in the valley on Monday the 31st, please, please email me or leave a comment and I will give you all the info! There's going to be a bouncy house, an 18-foot rockwall, free cotton candy, a dunk tank, tons of candy and skill games and other types of booths set up! (Another positive of no longer having a job is being able to go early on Monday to help set up).

wingless was still breathing at 12:09 AM -

I've linked you way more than twice =D -- John Hawkins
Really? WOW =) I feel so honored everytime you do!
chatsworth? is the place on ironwood? i was at this fall festival thing in the deep woods of moreno valley. oh i don'tknow.
hehe chatsworth is up in the san fernando valley, near northridge =)
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