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Thursday, October 13, 2005

no time for losers

The other day I was telling Paul that my old supervisor at the fundraising company would NEVER find a better assistant than myself because I have freakishly fast typing abilities and what with all the data entry NO ONE, but NO ONE could ever replace me and my quick little fingers. Then Paul started insisting that I might be fast but he was sure he was faster.

You see, once upon a time he was ranked number one in this game that's kind of like that game in the arcades where you shoot zombies, except in this game you have to type the words written on the zombie chests in order to kill them.

When we both got home from work today, he showed me how he had downloaded a demo version of the game and then proceeded to challenge me. I beat his score. He then beat mine. Then I beat him again. Then he beat me again. Then I beat him again. And then...he kept failing to beat me.

And eventually he had a total meltdown and started pounding the keyboard frantically while I danced around and took some bows and told him to admit he had met his match!

Of course, he refused. But he did turn his computer off.

I WEEEEN! Finally! That's what he gets for always winning when we wrestle.

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