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Saturday, October 29, 2005

nothing to be sorry about

It's way past midnight and I can't sleep. I wonder if my body is trying to adjust itself back to my old schedule as a student already. Or maybe I am just feeling a bit unsettled what with everything that has happened today.

When Paul came home he said that maybe God was just using me to help those that I was able to during my brief stint as a recruiter. I do definitely feel content with the time I spent there because I do feel I was able to do some good while I was there. The fact that I did feel like I was there to help people, whether or not that SHOULD have been my goal, leads me to believe that people who otherwise would not have been given a chance, were given one because I was willing to stick my neck out for them and risk having it chopped off.

Just because I am not used to being unemployed, I started browsing Career Builder when I got home and found a few jobs that seem interesting. Mainly I was looking at the non-profits and human resource positions...But, I still want to go back to school next year, so what's the point? It doesn't make sense to take another career-oriented job when I'll have to quit in the fall anyway. I should probably start looking into being an SAT tutor (hey my SAT score got me one job already).

Okay, I have a long day of Harvest Festival prep ahead of me so I should force myself to go lie down despite...whatever it is I'm feeling.

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