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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

well at least it's aaaalmost wednesday

I had my yearly woman check-up today. Nope, still not a doctor's appointment I look forward to. But at least it was a woman and she was super fast and efficient. She said that the checkup showed that at least one of my organ systems was working as it should (ha ha) and that if I didn't hear from her about the pap then there was nothing to worry about. Right before she left the room she said that hopefully I'd be off all those awful meds by the time she saw me next.

The longer I'm on them, the more I feel like yes, they do indeed suck. The drugs I mean. They're a pain to remember to take. The prednisone has a ton of side effects (including but not limited to: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, STRETCHMARKS - big angry red ones at that, weight gain and weird fat redistribution), the cellcept could be giving me cancer and the plaquenil could be making me blind (well not really cause supposedly the eye doctor can see it in its very early stages and can stop the plaquenil before it does any real damage).

I think at first when I was so sick and the drugs made me feel SOOO much better that I didn't care. Now...I'd really like a way off of them. But how?

Actually, I know the answer to that. I'm just so lazy. Sigh.

wingless was still breathing at 6:24 PM -

You aren't trying to ward off a stalker, are you? It isn't me, is it?
Haha, no stalkers here (that I'm aware of), unless you are stalking me =)
Would, but I'm so busy with... uh...
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