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Monday, February 06, 2006

friendster flashback

I just logged onto Friendster after not logging on for a couple months and found all these messages in my inbox. What Friendster has taught me is that if guys are desperate in real life, they are much more so on the internet.

Not only does my profile tag me as "married" I also put "housewife" in there somewhere and a picture of me and Paul, and yet a lot of the guys who message me don't even bother with the whole "I just want to be your friend" pretext. At least they're honest, I guess?

It's not that I mind getting messages from strangers but the whole "You're cute, message me" thing gets old. I mean I can just picture them sitting there at their computers late at night copying and pasting the same message to hundreds of girls in every sitting.

I recently decided to remove my political ideology and delink this website from my Friendster profile to further keep my "real life" away from my blog, but at least I got some interesting messages when I had the whole "I think liberals live in a land of rainbows and butterflies where everyone sings kumbaya in a circle, I'd like to live there too but unfortunately that place doesn't exist" quote in my profile. Maybe I'll put it back in there.

wingless was still breathing at 11:06 PM -

Joyce... just stop being such a cutie and you won't have any more problems like that!


sorry.. had a couple drinks... I'm not responsible for my actions.

- Dan Sealana
I thought that kind of thing is why people used such things as friendsterered.
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