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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

more than money

I just heard a fascinating exchange on Neil Cavuto while stuffing my face with Burger King (so healthy, I know).

The segment was about a Christian fitness center (can't remember where exactly, but somewhere in America) and Neil had on as his guests the founder of the center and the owner of capitalistpig.com. At one point the capitalistpig guy was saying he didn't see it as being a very good marketing tactic because he thinks people check their beliefs at the door when deciding things like which gym to work out in. The founder of the center said that she didn't think it was a marketing tactic at all, she was trying to help her Christian sister's do what she felt God helped her to do (lose weight). Capitalistpig retorted that he couldn't see how she could say it wasn't a marketing tactic when it clearly was, when she was "clearly" using her religion as a draw to bring people in.

My first reaction was just, Wow.

Clearly the capitalistpig does not have the slightest clue about what it means to be a Christian. Christians don't EVER "check" their relationship with God. The founder of the center pointed out during the interview that a lot of Christians feel uncomfortable going into certain gyms because of the lyrics of the music played over the loudspeakers. As a Christian I can understand this point and why, all other things equal, a Christian might prefer a gym playing Christian music as opposed to one playing secular music with some offensive lyrics.

The comment made by the capitalistpig about it being a marketing tactic also was very telling to me. This guy could not fathom, could not comprehend the idea of someone running a business and having it be about more than money. This woman stated clearly that she started the fitness center because she felt God gave her the strength to lose weight and she wanted to help other sisters who were struggling with the same issue. She was very earnest on this point but the guy just scoffed at her and announced definitively that this was obviously a marketing tactic.

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