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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"religion of peace"

It looks like the Muslim outrage over the Mohammed cartoons has yet to subside. I'm just wondering, where was the outrage from the Muslim community after 9-11? Three thousand murders perpetrated in the name of their sacred Allah and not a peep.

But dare to publish some silly cartoons about Mohammed? Man you better get ready to rumble with these "peaceful" folk.

Does this prove to liberals once and for all that the Muslim world is it is now is at odds with both freedom and democracy? Probably not, after all liberals tend to ignore facts that don't align with their preconcieved notions of the world (i.e. only Republicans are bad). But maybe this will be a wake up call to all those who have half a brain in their head. After all, even many of those Muslim leaders considered "reasonable" have pointed to the cartoons as a good reason to limit freedom of the press.

These people do not want a free society, they want a society shaped purely according to their religion. Were are all the liberals? Why aren't they up in arms? Aren't they supposedly the great defenders of freedom of speech and press? Why is it suddenly so quiet on the left side of the aisle? They're not afraid of offending Christians but they're deathly afraid of those Muslims eh? Must be the appeaser's syndrome they suffer from.

Anyway, sorry if that rant wasn't perfectly thought out, I just think it's absolutely nuts how far the Muslim world is taking this and it's totally ridiculous the way the MSM (*cough*CNN*cough*) are rolling over and playing dead. Where is all the commentary from the left? Why aren't they out there telling Muslims that if they want to live in a free society then they'll just have to deal with libs dressing up Mohammed in funny turbins? Bleh.

Michelle Malkin has a great video clip.

wingless was still breathing at 5:29 PM -

9/11 did drive Muslims around the world to the streets, I recall great celebrations and fireworks and... well you remember all that too.
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