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Saturday, July 15, 2006

when you don't follow the news because you're too busy with life

Yes, I'm slow. I just realized yesterday that there's an all-out war going on in the Middle East. And I am really...well, not really, surprised about the reaction from the world.

Israeli soldiers are kidnapped? Missiles are being launched haphazardly into their civilian populations? Ah, but of course, Israel is the one that must show restraint. The French, I'm sure, would love nothing better than for Israel to "show restraint" until they are completely wiped out by those animals who love to slaughter Israeli babies. I love how "Both sides must show restraint," really translates into, "Israel must show restraint." Anti-semitic double-speak.

What those of us who live in the West don't realize is that Israel does not live in the civilized world as we do. Israel itself may be a civilized society but Israel is living in the state of nature. She is surrounded by enemies who hate her and would love nothing more than to slaughter the "evil JOOoOoOs." In fact, we got a glimpse of how truly barbaric the enemy is on 9-11. Israel is fighting for her very survival. And in a fight like that you hold no punches. You go all out. Someone hits you first? You pound them into the ground. That sends a message to the type of people who only understand force. It tells them, Stay the hell away from me unless YOU want to die.

Furthermore, while Hezbollah is not officially the government of Lebanon (although I hear that there are duly elected Hezbollah members in their parliament), Hamas is certainly now the elected government of Palestine. Which means the Palestinians CHOSE to be represented by terrorist thugs. Which means when those thugs committ terrorist acts, they are doing so on behalf of their electorate - the Palestinian people. They are no longer merely a terrorist group committing terrorist acts, they are an elected government committing acts of war and no one can be upset now with the Israeli response to Hamas. If civilians die, it's called collateral damage and maybe the Palestinians that live on should think twice about who they vote for next time.

wingless was still breathing at 9:35 AM -

A U.S.-based Islamic civil rights group is urging American Muslims and "other people of conscience" to urge their elected representatives to condemn the Israeli attacks on "civilians in Gaza and Lebanon."

Who's attacking civilians?

Israeli officials have said they are attacking terrorists who hide in and among civilian populations. Israel's target is the terrorists who kill civilians, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman said in a CNN interview on Friday.

"For them, every dead [Israeli] civilian, every dead child, is a cause for celebration. For us, every dead civilian is a tragedy. That's the difference between us and them," Gillerman said.

I love this quote.
"If you're not liberal when you're young, you have no heart. If you're not conservative when you're old, you have no brain."
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