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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last night I partied Parisian style and realized that I am way too old for this.

For those of you who have never partied in France here are a few things you should know:

1. The clubs are virtually deserted before midnight.

2. The trains close at midnight. And don't open again until 5 a.m. You do the math.

3. It is apparently perfectly acceptable for straight men (I think?) to bump and grind on each other. I'm talking penis-on-penis action here.

4. French people love American music but do not know how to dance to it. Even the black French people need some help in the dancing department.

5. Unlike in California where smokers are properly banished into a little pen just outside of the club, Parisians smoke freely indoors. Your throat will hurt. Your hair will reek of other people's cigarettes.

I can't say it wasn't fun, because it was in a way...interesting to say the least. But I don't think my tired old bones can handle another night like that. And neither can my lungs. There was a time not so very long ago when all night raves were my scene, but the last one was two and a half years ago (EDC 2004) and I think that time in my life has passed. The main problem here is the stupid train schedule. If people in Paris don't eat until 8 or 9pm and the clubs don't get started until midnight, then why oh why do the trains close at midnight? That's the French for ya, I guess.


wingless was still breathing at 8:00 AM -

I lived in France for a year, and this post made took me back...! Oh, and per #4, I managed to attend a Snoop Dogg concert in Paris back in 1998. My friends and I were a bit nervous walking into a rap concert, seeing as we are three white girls from Illinois and Iowa. But the minute we walked in, my friend said, "I am SOOO the most ghetto person in this arena." All of the "gangstas" in France had tight pants and scarves on. No joke. And none of them knew a Snoop Dogg song if it bit them in the butt. I actually felt embarrassed for Snoop Dogg the crowd was so lame. Ah...France.
LOL =)

My friends like to call them "gansta gone wrong."
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