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Thursday, February 01, 2007

More birthday-party-in-Paris goodness

I've been meaning to write, really, and I've been meaning to post pictures, really. I've just been uh...honestly? Lazy.

Last night we celebrated my roommate Punhea's birthday at "Le Petite Marche" (accent mark over that last "e") which Zagat described as "new French cuisine with an asian twist" and you know what? They were right. My French friends were a bit skeptical but they enjoyed their meal and the passion fruit creme brulee? Oohla! as the French would say. Worth every centime.

After dinner we walked back to a bar/restaurant near Pompidou for their delicious mojitos and to laugh at the pictures of Che and Castro plastered all over the walls (and jackets, hats, etc.). Came home for birthday cake and champagne, followed by European beer (which really is better than American swill) and passion fruit Malibu mixed with Orangina. Sometime after that I ended up with a myspace page which I maintain is my equivalent of waking up with a tattoo on the ass.

Pictures to follow. I will quit being so lazy at some point.

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