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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Virginia Tech shooter was Asian okay

UPDATE: Hello Conservative Grapevine readers! Thanks for stopping by and of course thanks to John Hawkins for the link =) Please feel free to poke around...lately I've mainly been ranting about living abroad (yes, in FRANCE of all places!) and looking for a job but if you go far back enough you will find plenty of political-type rambling!

I've been following news of the Virginia Tech massacre mainly through the internet because, well, I don't understand enough French to actually watch TV here. My condolences go out to everyone who has been affected, I can't imagine what they must be going through. I can barely even bring myself to read the biographies of those killed in Monday's rampage.

I noticed an article on CNN.com which I thought was rather bizarre. It said that the S. Korean PM (President? I forget) was going to be issuing an apology. I can see issuing a statement of condolence but an apology? For what? What does this random Korean dude losing it and killing a lot of innocent people have to do with the S. Korean government? In that same article it also mentioned that S. Korea was worried that this incident would damage S. Korean-US relations. Why? I don't get it.

I've been hearing some people say they're afraid there will be a backlash against Asian-Americans and really? The thought didn't even cross my mind. Yes, there was some backlash against Muslim-Americans after 9-11 but an orchestrated, terrorist movement joining Muslims from all over the globe is very different from one lone kooked out Korean guy who was not part of anything bigger than his own rage. Not to say the backlash against Muslim-Americans was warranted, because it wasn't, but at least the motivation behind it can be explained.

So I was perusing John Hawkins this morning and came across this release from the Asian American Journalism Association and it just boggles my mind. Are we really this skeptical about the American people and their ability to understand that this is not some "Asian thing" but a crazy person who happened to be Asian??? I certainly don't worry about it and I don't really get the people who do. As one of JH's commenters wrote:

I think part of the AAJA's motivation is that they have deluded themselves into actually thinking this is a racist, anti-Asian society and that internment camps are just around the corner if people mention that a guy named "Cho" isn't Italian (shocker that, huh?).

I think they genuinely believe that.

So we can see that Liberal Race Obsession (otherwise known as "Political Correctness" and "Multiculturalism") is nothing but a great source of fear and paranoia for ethnic minorities...

Posted by CoolCzech
April 18, 2007 12:12 PM

It is really sad that liberals have managed to convince so many minorities (and S. Korea apparently) that America is still a racist, reactionary society just waiting to lash out against anyone who isn't lily white.

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wingless was still breathing at 7:37 AM -

I have to agree. I'm Chinese descent and the only time I was worried about a "racist America" was when I was in college and liberals on campus tried its darnest to convince us that we were being discriminated against. Most members if the AAA AAA (Asian American Association) rolled their eyes at them and continued our merry way. 3 weeks ago I hold my liberal white friend to stop being insulted on my behalf because I am not being insulted! Duh!
It might be of use to note that the "backlash" against Muslims after 9/11 tended to be focused on those nitwits who were laughing,making supportive statements, and high-fiving each other...

The Murderer at VT was just a sick individual. His ethnicity, religion, hair color or dietary habits have no bearing whatsoever.
Exactly. Granted I'm not in America right at this moment but I think even if I was I wouldn't be worried in the slightest about an anti-Asian backlash. After all the vast majority of rampage killers in the US are white...honestly the only backlash that will occur is against his immediate family. His parents will probably have to shut down their dry cleaner in Virginia and open a new one in California where no one will know the difference. Granted that's sad enough but it would have happened even if he were white, black or heck, purple.
I think the reason why the response from the South Korean government and media was so overly concerned and fixated on some wave of American rage and revenge against Koreans was due to their own actions when something tragic happens in their own country and Americans are involved and they are the receiving end.

When American soldiers were on a military exercise (defending South Korea mind you) and were involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident in which two little Korean girls were killed the entire South Korean nation went ballistic. They threw big riots and marches burned flags and US soldiers in effigy. The whole deal. The soldiers where even brought up on charges which they were later cleared of but still. Over a simple, tragic, traffic accident.

Imagine if an American Resident Alien student in a Korean University had killed 32 of his classmates? I think that explains their consternation, and to Americans, perplexing concern over people seeking out vengeance on Koreans over something some homicidal maniac did. We wouldn't hold ill will against Koreans for that. I was around a Korean this evening in fact. Took a Korean girl to dinner and a movie. Nope. No ill will at all.

If situations were reversed history suggests that Americans in South Korea wouldn't be treated the same hence the reactions of the Koreans. Sad.
You know, I didn't even think of that but it is a really great point.
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