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Saturday, June 09, 2007

To that deeeee-luxe apartment in the...er...ground floor

No idea what I'm still doing up. As if ten minutes past midnight is a real late night or something. Obviously, I'm old.

Really though, I should be sleeping as Paul and I are...wait for it...moving tomorrow! For some reason this feels like our first grown up apartment even though we've already had our first apartment together in Los Angeles and it was also a studio. Of course our new rent is nearly double our old one despite the fact that the new apartment may actually be slightly smaller. And yet the fact that we are furnishing this apartment from scratch makes it feel like a more grown up place. Even though most of the furniture is still from IKEA, it's different because this time it's all color coordinated! From our comforter to the new, very expensive shelving unit Paul had to have.

So yes, we are moving in to our new place early in the morning, thus making now fifteen minutes past midnight very late. In a lucky twist of fate my knees and elbows are hurting immensely and are even somewhat swollen, for good measure, so I will once again be rendered completely useless in the moving process.


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