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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So. I started a new job last week. A job that involves the 18th floor of a huge building right smack dab in the middle of San Francisco's Financial District. A job that involves working with people who in all likelihood make millions and all have important degrees from important schools and who are all super competent, out-going people persons who are, well, presentable.

And so, of course, I, who am apparently not presentable, got a rash. All over my face. And then I lost my voice. And started to cough up interesting colors. And lose the ability to hear out of my right ear because it is clogged up with mucus or something. And then this morning my right eye started to become swollen and painful and I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will go to work and people will scream and point and mistaken me for a cyclops.

Sounds about par for the course eh?

I went in on Monday with no voice, hacking like crazy, forcing my coworkers to work with their shirts over their mouths and noses like gas masks. Every time I touched someone's workstation the disinfectant wipes were immediately whipped out to wipe everything down. They were probably glad when, on what was supposed to be my sixth day at work, I called in sick. I went in today but some of my coworkers still refused to use the cooler next to my desk and instead opted to walk to the other side of the office for their liquid refreshment.

This whole fiasco reminds me of last September when I came down with a sinus and throat infection right before school started. What can I say? My body hates me.

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