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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A day in the life of....

4:45AM - Alarm goes off. Am fast asleep and dreaming about stuff re:
French people/France/someone I haven't been close to since high school.
Hit snooze. Paul doesn't move so I think I'm going to be cabbing it

4:52AM - Alarm goes off again.

4:55AM - Roll out of bed, go through morning ritual (which oddly enough
never includes brushing hair)

5:05AM - Poke Paul who points to his wallet. Call cab.

5:07AM - Wash some grapes for a snack later. Trying to be "healthy."

5:09AM - Kiss Paul on the forehead, he rolls over. Rush to lobby.

5:10AM - Cab arrives, hoping it's the skinnier African dude because he
owes me three bucks

5:11AM - Nope, the African guy picked me up the first three times and
hasn't come back since he's owed me three bucks. Boo. Probably never see
him again.

5:15AM - I like this cabbie though, he's friendly and makes small talk,
also seems to be taking the most direct route. Not hitting any lights,

5:16AM - Arrive at the office, almost a full dollar cheaper than the
other two cab drivers who seem to make extra turns. Tip him 2 bucks in

5:18AM - First sales assistant in, huzzah! Sit down at desk, 24 new emails, computer
is running a little slow because didn't restart last night, crap.

5:25AM - Look at which trades failed last night. 21 pages?? This can't
be right. Nope, it is. 243 fails. Panic. Did I do this somehow??

5:27AM - Ask coworker to look at fails report. He gets pissed - it's
client's fault. Phew. Split up fails and start emailing.

6:55AM - Run to bathroom

7:00AM - How is it 7 already? Stop in kitchen to make oatmeal.

7:10AM - Go through checklist of stuff from yesterday. Work work work.
Also, eat oatmeal.

8:00AM - Try to deal with IT issues, get run around. Oh well.

9:27AM - Coworker A in horrible mood over client...

9:41AM - Problem solved. A in better mood. Thinking about taking another
bathroom break. Drank so much tea...

9:44AM - Darn. Notice in bathroom mirror face rash seems to be getting
worse again.

9:57AM - Just spent ten minutes trying to figure something out. Hate
these systems and all their nuances. Give up. Asking C for help.

10:15AM - Client calling, no idea what this lady is talking about. HELP!

11:00AM - Hm. Hungry. Ordering Japanese food...

11:15AM - Pass man eating donut on the street. Totally doesn't look like
he needs to be eating a donut but who am I to judge. Also, donut looks

11:23AM - Same man is now smoking a cigarette in front of my building.

11:25AM - Spill leftover tea on desk - luckily away from keyboard. Pass
out food.

11:26AM - Check voicemail, delivery company wants to schedule treadmill
delivery. Run into empty office to try to deliver. Issues, issues, blah
deal with later. Boss totally walks in and sees me on phone. Score.

11:45AM - Trying to eat and work at the same time

12:00PM - Food is getting cold as I type this...

12:02PM - Look down and notice belly fat hanging over pants...ew...maybe
should not be judging donut man...contemplate saving california rolls
for dinner...

12:08PM - Mmm...hot watered down tea is still good at this hour...Food:
also good.

12:13PM - Another bathroom run. Notice fly is down, probably since
9:41AM? Awesome.

12:21PM - Allocate a trade. Still trying to eat lunch...almost...done...

12:58PM - Head. Hurting. But caught up. Two more hours to go...Market
should be closing. Stupid market.

1:00PM - Refreshing pending report....should start work on settles for

1:15PM - Knocked out three trades...feeling dizzy

1:26PM - Crap. Ankles are swollen. Not good...haven't been taking all my

1:43PM - Boss walks by and says sorry about walking in on phone call.

1:50PM - Take a minute to post about my ankles on a forum...Receive
message saying I missed a couple things I should have caught. Doh! Can't
take a break on this job...

1:53PM - Return IT phone calls...get voicemails for both. Sigh.

2:00PM - Finally finished my salmon...debating those rolls but thinking
no...maybe ankles are swelling because too much salt? Note to self: eat
bland food tonight and see if it goes away...

2:01PM - Notice coworker has the pen I was using...

2:04PM - Things seem to be slowing down, maybe I'll get to leave at 3pm

2:11PM - Client calls and then puts me on hold...Awesome...

2:16PM - At what point should you just hang up in these situations? I'm
giving her one more minute...

2:17PM - Hung up and answered someone else's call. She calls back while
I'm on the other line.

2:30PM - Thank GOD it's Thursday...

2:45PM - Finally get a call back from bbg guy...he's going to come into
the office tomorrow yay!

2:58PM - Working with junior sales guy on how to get authorization for a
hundred more systems....

3:00PM - Late trade...

3:05PM - Setting up an account....system saves but deletes all

3:10PM - Redone. It's past 3PM. Darn. At least the account subbed
correctly this time....

3:11PM - Patnah in crime is working on something....wondering if I
should stay and help?

3:17PM - Run to bathroom. Looking very lumpy today....

3:20PM - Checking if I should stay...

3:23PM - YAY! We're going home!


wingless was still breathing at 3:23 PM -

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