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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

definitely not the city of angels

I'm starting to feel like this city is just chock-full of random
senseless violence (although, to be fair, that last one happened in Oakland not SF - but close enough).

It's probably just my perception but I feel like I read a lot more about crimes like this now then when I lived in Los Angeles. Maybe I just read the local news up here more consistently than I did down there.

It's funny though isn't it, in the two San Francisco cases, how the bad guys still managed to get guns into the city despite the fact that there is a law against guns and everything. A law. Written down on paper somewhere and everything. How in the world did guns get past that?

Paul and I always have the discussion about how utterly lawless this city is in so many ways. Like the time we saw a guy run a redlight - nearly hitting a cop making a left turn - and he didn't even get pulled over! Paul actually told me later that I didn't see the first car which ran the redlight before the guy I saw went through...that's how red the light was. I have literally gone days without seeing a single police officer anywhere.

Edited to add: Hm, I must have seen something shiny or something because not only is that where this leaves off, I also forgot to hit publish. Genius!

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