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Friday, November 16, 2007

an office full of comedians

I forgot to mention that our admin quit yesterday because her boyfriend (who she moved here for from NYC about six months ago) got a great job in Boston.

This sucks on two levels: One, since the one and only saleswoman quit last week (her last day will be three days after our admin's) this leaves me as the only non-penis who will be working in the office as of the second week of December. Granted, I do get along with guys a lot better than I do with the vast majority of women but I'm sad because I actually really love our admin and saleswoman. They're very cool chicks and not typical girly-girls at all - it makes it all the more upsetting that they're leaving since they're two of about seven girls I actually enjoy being around. Two, our admin freaking rocks. I only started a week before her so I don't totally know what it was like in the office before her, but I do know that during my first couple of weeks there, everything was everywhere and no one knew where anything was and the salespeople's expense reports were so past due that HQ was threatening to cut their cards if they didn't turn them in. Now? Expense reports are always turned in on time and everything is actually where it is supposed to be. When this first happened everyone was very confused. People kept coming up to me and asking me where the paper was, and because I had already asked our admin, I knew that the paper was indeed in the cabinet helpfully marked "8 1/2 x 11 paper."

So yeah, the whole office is sad because we've got two great ladies leaving us, but I think our boss is taking it worst of all because well, lately every time he manages to fill one seat, someone else quits. He probably dreams about the day when the office can actually function the way its supposed to because its actually fully staffed.

Yesterday while we were having beers one of the sales people opined how it would be funny if we all turned in our resignations the next day. So this morning he wrote a collective letter of resignation on the company letterhead, had all of us sign it and left it on the boss's keyboard when he went off to the bathroom...With all the stress the boss has been under lately I was half afraid he'd be pissed off and accept it! But luckily he busted out laughing and actually even framed the thing lol. I signed it at 5:15 in the morning so I didn't really read it (eyes were still blurry with sleep) but apparently it was a very cleverly written letter. I gotta sneak a peak at that thing on Monday haha.


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