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Thursday, December 27, 2007

a happy new year indeed

Something I didn't expect when I threw my hat into the finance industry ring was that I would have such awesome, thoughtful and generous managers. I thought finance people were all grumpy, uptight jerks who's only goal was to work you until you literally died (one of my cousins who used to be in i-banking said that when he missed several months of work due to a brain tumor - benign but still a brain tumor - his coworkers were only half joking about being annoyed at him for missing that much work). Hm, well, when I put it that way I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking when I thought, "Sure why not" about choosing this career path. Luckily, I am technically in ops so my direct managers are all ops managers (who Paul says tend to be really nice across the board). I'm also lucky to be working out of a satellite office that also happens to be in San Francisco - a city famous for very chill people. So chill that our office uniform is a polo shirt and a north face sweater-vest.

My direct manager insists that we use up every last vacation or personal day we've accrued and since she doesn't count the half days we take off as days off I had a couple of personal days to use up before the new year. Which means I get the next five days off! FIVE! Five whole days of wearing pajamas and watching teeny-bopper movies on HBO in the middle of the afternoon, wahoo!


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