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Saturday, January 05, 2008

two cents

My interest in politics has been waning for awhile now and I must admit that ever since I started working I pretty much squashed the political bug that drove me to be so passionate and involved in the first place. It was mostly an unconscious act, an inevitability of working ten hours a day at a job that demands 109% of my attention at all times. But a small part of it was that I just couldn't bring myself to care anymore. I grew so disillusioned with the world of politics and politicians I would get too upset reading/thinking/discussing politics and so I stopped.

With this in mind I think it's fair to say that I really don't know much about what's going on in politics these days. I've only seen a couple debates (and even then it was only because Paul turned them on and wouldn't let me change the channel) and I haven't been reading the blogs at all. So I was really surprised this morning when I decided to take my first cruise around the blogosphere in months to see how much bloggers seem to dislike Huckabee. I heard him called untrustworthy and slick? Which I find confusing because I've only heard him speak a few times but I've grown to like him more each time I do hear him. I thought he was a likable dude and I'm not sure all the negativity towards him is coming from? The Romney attacks? (Of course, through it all, John Hawkins has remained a great read and always reasonable).

Anyway, I don't really believe Huckabee will win the whole thing but I'm glad he ran because I think his campaign makes a point. A point about how people really feel about Christianity in this country. I've heard people call Huckabee crazy because of his position on abortion and because they see him as a religious extremist. Granted I am in San Francisco, but I still find it hard to believe that people would be shocked at a pastor being completely against abortion. Even on the blogs there was an obvious resentment towards his constantly referring to his religion. Why? Is it that taboo to speak what you believe nowadays? Well, if what you believe in is that the Christ came to earth and died for our sins, anyway.

The controversy over his Merry Christmas commercial also baffled me - the man, the former pastor - wants to say "Merry Christmas" to people at Christmastime and it's supposed to be some slick political move?? Huh?

And I've read attacks on him because "he takes money from companies that do embryonic stem cell research" (implied: he's a hypocrite) or because "he pardons dangerous criminals" but you know what? I've actually heard his rebuttal to those claims and I believed him. He came across as very believable and honest.

And I think this is how most people who aren't plugged into the political machine will feel about him. He probably still won't win though because people who don't much care about politics don't bother voting in primaries.

On a related note, I really hope McCain doesn't win.

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