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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

why i am never going back to mammoth

Somehow, without my knowledge, it was decided that Paul and I would be spending President's Day with his buddies snowboarding in Mammoth.

Looking back, it was all a horrible idea from the start and I have no idea what we were thinking going on that trip, except, OH YEAH, I DIDN'T HAVE A SAY! How about that...

I was already fighting some kind of strange form of stomach-virus-fly-cold. Great timing for a ski trip! In the snow! Where it is generally cold!

Then, even though Paul and I both took the day off work, the guys who were driving us up didn't and so we weren't on the road until about 7:15pm. On a Friday night. On President's Day weekend. Sigh.

Needless to say, there was traffic. And lots of it. We ended up taking a dinner break about an hour in before getting back on the road. Where, unfortunately, there was still a decent bit of traffic for awhile.

It did eventually clear up and then just after 11pm we were en route passing...Kirkwood. As in ski resort. As in Tahoe. And then the guy with the map said that since 120 straight through Yosemite was closed, we'd actually have to cross into Nevada to come back into California down into Mammoth.

That's right folks, not only did we drive by perfectly lovely ski resorts in Tahoe (not to mention the casinos and buffets!!) we actually had to drive into Nevada in order to get somewhere in California. At this point we were all cursing the LA friends who had gotten us into this mess in the first place. Because it really, really sucks to pass Tahoe at a perfectly acceptable hour, 11pm, only to end up at a similar destination except at 2:30am.

For most people rolling in at 2:30am on a Friday night is no big deal, but for me, that's practically turning my day upside down. These days I'm rarely up past midnight even on the weekends and Fridays are usually the day I end up sleeping earliest since I'm wiped out from the week. So getting in at 2:30am? Sleeping at 3am? And being awakened at 7am to get up and get ready for a day of vigorous exercise? When I haven't exercised in years? (Sadly I'm not exaggerating, unless of course you count the hill between my apartment and the restaurants on Columbus exercise.) On an empty stomach? All not the brightest idea Paul's ever had.

But whatever, I forgive him. And at least he had fun during his one trip down the mountain so the whole thing(and the close to $1000 we spent on clothing, lodging, lift tickets we each only used once, etc.) wasn't a complete waste. Not everyone gets to ride a snow mobile down the mountain after being stranded at the top of a run with no easy way down! But that's another story, for another day.

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