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Saturday, May 31, 2008

and boy does this city love barry o

If you want to know what an America run by knee-jerk liberals would look like, well, look no further than the beautiful city of San Francisco:

Tourists are flocking to San Francisco in droves. Property and sales taxes are up. Unemployment is down. Residents and businesses are spending money - lots of money - to live and work in the city.

San Francisco is rolling in green. But it is also bleeding red.

Monday is Mayor Gavin Newsom's deadline to submit a budget that erases a $338 million deficit, and he has warned that the city's fiscal forecast is so bleak that hundreds of city workers could be laid off and services slashed. But it's not because the money isn't coming in, even despite poor economic times nationwide.

"We don't have a revenue problem - our revenue is strong," Deputy City Controller Monique Zmuda said. "Even though the economy's been good, our expenditures are growing at a faster rate than our revenues."


Last year, city officials approved a series of new labor deals with unions, giving workers like nurses, police and firefighters hefty pay boosts. Next year, those labor contracts are expected to cost the city $118 million more than they currently do.

Voters over the years have generously approved ballot measures that require the city to spend a fixed dollar amount on everything from public schools to public safety. This year, the so-called set-asides added up to $883 million, a figure that is expected to jump by $57 million more next year.

Add to that the millions in state cuts and the fact that the city can't tap its rainy day fund unless revenues are dropping, and what's left is a huge budget shortfall.


The size of the city workforce has ballooned in the past two years, bringing the city payroll to 27,885 people. That's about 1 city employee for every 27 residents.

That last part just boggles my mind. What's worse is that if you look at this database you'll find that there are 8,180 city employees making over $100k annually. That's 818 million dollars a year at a minimum just in salaries alone for 1/3 of the city's workforce. And it's actually a much higher number than that because if you look at the database you'll see the highest city paid worker is making $350,324 a year and that the number decreases at a modest rate over the next 409 pages. The number has got to be well over a billion dollars a year - not including the other two-thirds of the city's payroll.

Anyway, this is how liberals can manage to run what should be a prosperous city into the ground. This is where a love of unions and ever-expanding social programs leads.

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wingless was still breathing at 9:17 AM -

How come there are no liberals out there to complain about the governmental greed of these worthless city employees? Oh, that's right: it's precisely because they do not produce anything of value in a free and voluntary market. That makes the public union workers virtuous.
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