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Sunday, June 08, 2008

just another beautiful saturday afternoon in "family friendly" san francisco.....

Warning: Explicit pictures below, not suitable for kids. (Even though they were taken in public, in a park, in broad daylight, but alas this is the point of the post.)

Yesterday it was a gorgeous sunny day here in the city and Paul and I decided to wander down along the Embarcadaro with all the tourists to do some shopping at the Ferry Building. Imagine our surprise when we happened along this scene in the park in front of Embarcadaro Four (a busy shopping center directly across from an even busier tourist attraction - the Ferry Building and Saturday morning farmers market):

Yes, there was full frontal and this picture doesn't really capture just how many men were in their birthday suits...

As you can imagine, living in San Francisco, I'm pretty used to gay people and have no problem with them at all. They can be a tad over-sensitive but for the most part they are fun and interesting people to hang out with. But, man, this is the kind of the stuff that makes straight people anyone with some basic sense of decency, really, really irritated. Because I would have totally been just as offended if it were a straight couple making out and groping each other in a park where children were literally AROUND THE CORNER:

This is a picture of the other side of the metal structure in the first picture...Yup those are little kids playing at the fountain.

Why do some gay people think it is okay for them to do this? If you know the area at all, it is a tourist filled, family oriented area - we are not talking about a traditional area of the city where you know you might be exposing your kids to some questionable sights if you bring them there...But I guess now we have to pretty much declare all of San Francisco off limits to parents who don't want to explain to their three year olds why there are naked men making out with each other while other naked men wander about taking pictures. The worst part was that there was really no warning for any parents who might be leaving some of the other attractions in the area with their children...I saw a dad in a suit walking with his maybe four year old son, seemed like they were probably heading out to the street car heading home, he said to his son, "Look at the fountain!" and all I could think was that I really hoped they didn't walk around the fountain for some reason...or the dad would be walking into a lot more than he was expecting!

And you know this would be every bit as bad if it were naked men and women making out and groping each other in full view of children - but that wouldn't happen because I think even in San Francisco they would have been arrested! (At one point when we were coming out of the shopping center we saw a cop standing at the top of some stairs watching the goings on from a distance, basically just there to make sure nothing violent happened? Public nudity is apparently legal in this city, just like everything else is...)

Oh and the very best part? On the side where all the kids were playing in the fountain they were also setting up for a Crohns & Colitis Foundation event:

There are some words you can't really see in this shrunken down version under Camp Oasis...it says "Kids Corral." Why they chose to put the Kids Corral on the side closest to...well..."the other side" I have no idea.

If San Francisco becomes any more "family friendly" you'll have to have your ID checked just to get into the city...

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wingless was still breathing at 9:39 AM -

Every one of those gross naked guys is a Democrat. What a classy party.
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